1. Yeah, I mostly listen to newer artists in the genre or artists who are partially r&b and I’ve been turned off from pretty much every artist who has collabed with him as far as I can think of except Rihanna

  2. Glad to see Vocal Trinity on the shortlist on first submission! I'll resubmit next time, but thank you to those who've shown support for it! 🙏🏾

  3. Hello Everyone! Very Excited To See what everyone will be submitting this cycle! As for me, these are the two ideas on my mind. Also, each album/artist has a hyperlink tagged to a certain song from that album if you want to give some of the material a try in case you haven't listened to these albums yet.

  4. I'm learning Portuguese and would love to know your favorite Brazilian musicians. Would especially love musicians that clearly annunciate and/or clear vocals (even though I'm an Ari stan I would never listen to her to learn English!) The only main requirement is that they sing mainly in Portuguese.

  5. Sertanejo is a massively popular genre in Brazil. I'm not Brazilian myself, but Portuguese is still one of the languages I speak and two artists that I would recommend in that lane would be Luan Santana (try his album 1977) and Marília Mendonça (try her self-titled live album)

  6. 500 users is pretty impressive growth for a sub that's only been around for a day

  7. Message the mods & get approval. Then if they say yes and it gets taken down, just use the message the mods thing to let them know

  8. Thanks for the suggestion, they were able to approve of it for me.

  9. My pet peeve is how I made my reddit account when I was going through an indie music phase-

  10. Confessions feels like it would fit best for a sequel imo.

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