1. Yes, I remember, but I still don't believe in the friendly breakup.

  2. kim posting those stories and her friend liking that reaction on sainthoax ..... you might be right , that same friend posted a quote saying " fuck what it was it is what it is" kim liked that post and commented ain't the truth under it

  3. He alluded that he doesn't want to talk about his relationship in the interview he did with kevin hart , he said he wanted people to ask about his projects and that he wanted to do more serious roles in acting instead of playing a goofy idiot all the time

  4. I'm convinced that incredibles shirt was post was a sign that her and pete were over , i think that was the same day kim was at kanye's office too for the yeezy shoot

  5. What's the deal with the incredibles shirt? I'm way behind but I've seen it mentioned a few times.

  6. why isn't it ever kims fault ? this article is blaming pete and passively kanye for the break up

  7. yea i know you are happy on the low , i can tell you didn't want pete dating kim

  8. Remember Kanye called the family “The Incredibles” during KUWTK interview 👀

  9. kim posted the james turell art on her stories too , the sun is about to have a field day

  10. The whole family have been behaving weird on IG recently with the exception of kendall

  11. side note this just reminded me that kourtney got caught lurking a chaney fan page on her real account

  12. amber is friends with tyga now she's not sincere , she was just clout chasing even though tyga shouldn't have been kylie

  13. Yea if this is true I believe khloe and tristan have always had an open relation where he can see whoever as long he wears condoms and keeps it private

  14. Proof she can not be seen if she doesn't want to be seen , the real reason we didn't get any pap pics of her there

  15. I feel like she is being weird on purpose , prob want some attention

  16. I hope not , no point of getting back together if they want different things in life

  17. i honestly thought no professional women in the industry would want to associate with kanye after the whole pete & kim shit. Maybe she loves his erratic behavior? If irina is after money i am certain there are more stable rich men with less "overhead" than kanye, unless she really likes him it makes no sense to circle the block again

  18. kanye said celebs agree with him behind closed doors , so i don't know about all that ,

  19. really? I noticed irina constantly wore yeezy 450's after their break up, i thought nothing much of it other than how strange it must be to wear ur sneaky link shoes. we will see what happens in the coming future

  20. they prob were just fucking , no plans for the future just sex and enjoying time together so nobody feelings got hurt

  21. The way ye fans think everything is about him. There is clearly balenciaga on the page too 😚

  22. kim didn't follow this page for balenciaga , 95% of this page is kanye related and only a few pics is balenciaga related

  23. the page is 95% kanye i don't know why kim followed that page , you made it about kanye , kim has a balenciaga book that kanye gave dani, she doesn't follow this page for balenci , if anything she would have followed demnagram

  24. Am I the only one that sees a contradiction here? People have said tmz is fabricating stories about Kanye to make him look bad on behave on the kardashians. But when they report that Kim and Kanye are successfully co parenting, kim told them to write that? So which is it, do they want him to look good or bad? Also, tmz spoke to sources close to both sides, not them personally. Lol

  25. yes , kim wants that out there , that's why she wore that hat and the incredibles shirt at the beach

  26. True, but then you have stories of Kanye being at that Sunday family dinner with the Kardashians and traveling to north’s game in the same car with Kim. Both of those stories were mostly likely true, and came from tmz.

  27. that's because kim/tracy told them that kanye was in the same car, kanye not speaking to tmz about his relationship with chaney

  28. What is that she speaks on that apparently upsets you so much?

  29. She speaks on non surgical shit too , just hearsay spreading bullshit like it's gospel , i'm not too much of fan of unverified gossip , i remember her one time talking about kid cudi walking in on kim and kanye having sex while she was with kris humphries , i don't believe that shit at all

  30. Yea tracy is weird AF , if kim falls off tracy wouldn't have anything to fall back on because she is a kim yes man

  31. pete and chaney got the tattoos already , they have to lock in now lol , pete more than chaney though

  32. The source would be tracy or kim , i know kourtney or kylie doesn't talk to them

  33. because the hypebeast and stans are going to buy whatever he releases in that department the fact that the yeezy page is getting engagement without him posting anything says a lot

  34. the timing of this story, this family so predictable , i give them 5 more years until nobody cares they are running out of stunts

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