[Highlight] Ben Simmons' brick hits Kyrie's face.

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  1. But they caught him in the corner? Saw him hitting up the cashier? He even had him in a headlock? They even got him on camera?

  2. I still can't believe his debut game, that was something else.

  3. Shit man.. watching his face when he rounds those bases.. it has to be the most exhilarating thing ever. That’s like Mount Everest shit.

  4. Suddenly all those Cleveland ads in the ttc couple years ago make sense

  5. This is the second time you mentioned this. why is being pro vaccine your biggest personality trait? Lmao

  6. I lost an aunt, my most beloved, to covid. Regardless of that, fuck every anti-vaxer for the danger they put others in, not just themselves

  7. I’m sorry for your loss. My condolences, that must be very hard

  8. I appreciate it. Thx. It was tough, it took me over 6 months to finally come to terms with the fact that she was gone.

  9. A subreddit of posts where the authour turns up and helps out unexpectedly

  10. ConvenientCop but programmer based... ConvenientOP? ConvenientOG?

  11. Yeah I agree - I’m from Northern Europe and travelled in Asia as well.

  12. Before data was a thing, a cousin of mine moved here from East Africa (mid 2000s) and when we tried to explain the concept of being charged for incoming calls, let alone weekend and evening plans, he kept saying, "But I'm in Canada."

  13. We are tired of these Welawalas using our homes and lives as their gunie pigs! DOWN WIT DA INNAHS! BELTALOWDA!

  14. Good god this might take the cake for this sub. Pack it up everyone, we can never top this

  15. So can I get a reference? My job sucks and I’d love to find ancient artifacts

  16. We're just minutes away from lamas all the way down.

  17. I see they brainwashed you. Roaches are the true superior species.

  18. After looking at your username, I'm just gonna have to trust you.

  19. A two vehicle accident? The truck wasn't even involved! Why is the tire not held accountable for breaking free of its truck captor and going on a rampage? This was between that woman and the tire.

  20. Even better, they say the driver of the toyota had minor injuries, then in the very next sentence that there were no injuries to the driver of the toyota or the truck

  21. Not to be a buzzkill but it says the passenger was the one injured

  22. Oh shit you're right. That's important actually, thx for the correction. It was late when I read that so I didn't even see the difference lol

  23. I’ve been having decent success with an app called Transit. I’d say it’s decently accurate most of the time, and if someone using the app is on a bus and allows the app to share their location it’s very accurate.

  24. I mean… it obviously works really well for Apple. But Apple also gets the revenue when anyone buys online too.

  25. Hey, at least the guy gets that there's different types of asshats.

  26. How long did she have to stay on the pets stool? Also, was this the sturdy kind or the stinky kind?

  27. Well because he’s turned on them… at least Stalin and Hitler probably has syphilis as an excuse lol 😆

  28. Putin's not that dumb. He's ordering the construction of more mid-rises now, so he can have more 5th story windows to use.

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