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  1. Yeah honestly I still have stuff I wrote in kindergarten stored away in a box somewhere, and I’m pretty sure it looked better than this.

  2. Damn, this is third grader? I remember learning how to write the alphabet in like first grade, printing and cursive. I dunno if they teach cursive anymore, but don’t they still teach kids how to print? And spell? This looks worse than stuff I wrote in kindergarten.

  3. That is a good episode! I was just recently rewatching seasons 3 and 4 and I have to say Carpe Museum and The Kids Rob a Train are a couple of my favorites. I love seeing the Belchers outside of the restaurant and Wagstaff sometimes. Plus, Rudy is excellent in both episodes.

  4. For me last night was the prime example. I prefer GrubHub but will use DoorDash when needed. Because of my longer than expected trip and my company fucking up my hotel reservation i was unable to get to into a hotel room to order food until almost 9pm. By the time I found someplace in the GrubHub listing to order from that wasn't something exotic (thai, sushi, greek, etc) when all i wanted was pizza or wings everybody not fastfood was closed and listed as preorder. So i went scrolling for the options i knew would still be open (whataburger, taco bell, McDs) and even they were listed as preorder. GrubHub completely shut down their service once all of the exotic restaurants had closed for the evening. Went over to DoorDash and even some non fast food options were still available to order from. That's why we use DoorDash. Even with how iffy it is when you get it they are still more reliable than GrubHub in many markets.

  5. That’s fair. I live in the city where GrubHub is headquartered and usually get fairly good service here. I’ve also gotten free 1-year promotional memberships for their “GrubHub+” service more than once, which removes the delivery fee for most restaurants (sometimes there is still a small service fee, depending on the restaurant). So it’s a better option for me compared to DoorDash usually, but I can understand how that might not be the case in some areas.

  6. OK, so, I'm English and all I ever see of Door Dash is fucked up/ missing deliveries. Snotty delivery drivers who steal food or sabotage. I have to ask, why the fuck do you guys keep using them??

  7. I don’t quite understand it either. I usually use GrubHub, which has way lower fees and restaurants often use their own drivers so there’s no third party involved. Stuff still gets messed up sometimes, but that happens with restaurants regardless.

  8. And trauma Is similar. Ppl talk about having to “heal” from their “trauma”. No you just had a relationship that didn’t work out. Maybe he was kind of dick to you here and there but on balance it was just a run of the mill failed relationship between two imperfect human beings. It wasn’t “traumatic”

  9. I would disagree with you here. I think “trauma” is subjective. What is traumatic for one person might not be for another. There is no clinical definition of “trauma”. You don’t have to witness a murder or be kidnapped to be traumatized by something that happened to you.

  10. It definitely is. This scenario gives you guaranteed upvotes and this conversation was clearly written by one person.

  11. Yeah that was what caught my eye. It’s very clear that it’s the same person writing both sides of this “conversation”.

  12. This can't be real. Surely nobody has this little self awareness

  13. Oh some people definitely do have that little self awareness. But this is clearly a fake conversation - it reads like the same person wrote both sides.

  14. This always made me so mad. Ah yes, choose me who clearly DOESNT KNOW THE FUCKING ANSWER

  15. Looks like people are generally disagreeing with you, but I see your point. So much of school is just memorization and it’s easy to forget a single fact, especially when put on the spot. It doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t understand the subject matter overall, or that you aren’t paying attention.

  16. Perhaps when you were in school lots of it was memorization but not anymore. The emphasis is on critical thinking, which means very complex answers.

  17. Technical glitches💀💀💀 this is a choice, not a glitch, how did you even arrive at that conclusion?

  18. Well, it seems to be resolved now, so I’d say it was a glitch.

  19. Bill Hader only voiced Big Bob in one of the three episodes he appeared.

  20. I did consider voice actor availability but they have found other people to voice Hader characters like Mickey, I don't think it would be a huge issue if the voice actor was different

  21. Right, that was my point. Bill Hader only voiced Big Bob in one episode. The other two times he appeared, they used different voice actors. There’s no consistent voice for Big Bob.

  22. It’s literally the name of an episode of BoJack Horseman. Could certainly be a coincidence, I’ve just never heard the phrase elsewhere. 🤷‍♀️

  23. The name of the episode is most certainly a reference to the phrase itself. Bojack Horseman didn't invent the phrase.

  24. Yes, I’m aware, I’ve seen every episode of both shows. Just thought it was an interesting coincidence, since like I said, I’ve never heard the phrase used anywhere else.

  25. I highly doubt they order different kinds of toilet paper for men and women.

  26. Would I? I’ve worked in several offices and been responsible for ordering supplies. There’s no good reason to order two kinds of toilet paper.

  27. I'm in my early 30s and have yet to even try those. :/

  28. I love Dawn of the Peck too! I love day drunk Bob, and Rudy is great in it too. “I can’t have pasta but I’ll eat a bowl of sauce”

  29. Looks like someone dumped some furniture and at least one bag of garbage in there, but we’re worried about the styrofoam?

  30. Haha yes, turkey is a given. He also cooked a standing rib roast that one time when Steve the archeologist visited!

  31. They do eat meatloaf a lot! We’ve seen a few other meals like spaghetti, ham, macaroni and cheese…but meatloaf is definitely the favorite.

  32. I don’t know. When I was a little kid, I would ask my mom, “mommy do you love me the MOST?”

  33. Awww Regular Sized Rudy is precious! What a great window seat he’s got as well!

  34. Agree. Such a pungent smell! I don’t understand how people can eat it.

  35. It was an acquired taste for me. First time I tried it, I felt the same as you. Now I love it.

  36. I would recommend not having the dry food out all the time. Either get an auto feeder or just measure a portion for the day based on what the info on the package recommends.

  37. I mean in isolation I'd have agreed with the manager. Those honey buns are so mediocre for the calories I just feel disappointed after eating one. If I'm gonna eat junk, it's gonna be the good stuff. Like a fresh donut from my local shop or something.

  38. Oh sure, I’d agree with you there. If I were to pick a 700 calorie treat, it wouldn’t be a honey bun.

  39. For some people, it’s not a treat but a daily item. I bet op eats those all the time.

  40. Of course that is possible. I don’t know OP or what their diet is normally like. I would certainly agree that eating this every day is bad, but I don’t think it’s right to comment on what other people eat unless you are their doctor, or they asked for your opinion.

  41. A guy did that to me, I didn’t fall for it…I made my boss count my drawer..he had to wait

  42. Yeah that was the policy when I was a cashier. Anyone tries to confuse you, you immediately call a manager and pull your till so it can be counted.

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