1. You can slap all five damage ranged parts and then reload parts, then barrage a bunch of 700 cost natives which are mostly designed for beam defenses.

  2. Not only that, overtune shooting part effectively gives it 110 shooting modifier

  3. I doubt it, they shrank the messala. it'll be big but probably smaller than the Kyshatria.

  4. Don't forget how they made the ZII fat and taller too. Like the original ZII is supposed to be shorter and narrower than the Zeta, but in GBO2 it looks fugly

  5. I know, I went to my Amazon purchase history to buy three more for my fiancés PC and saw they jumped from $85 for three to $150.

  6. That’s probably from 3rd party sellers. Bob Phanteks mentioned that he hopes the T30’s will be restocked in mid-July/early August

  7. I’m assuming they delisted the SW3 since some of the specs are inferior to the previous version

  8. I think that energy usage reduction was the biggest buff. No need to worry about overheating as much

  9. This is a pipe dream. The age of US manufacturing is over. Specialty products made in the US might exist, but your average Walmart product? Still coming from China because Americans love cheap goods.

  10. I assumed the average Walmart product would be upgraded to an Indonesian, Burmese, Malaysian, Bangladeshi, or Vietnamese product

  11. So you’re saying it should be ok if the AC plug remains connected when the battery is being tested? I’ve had my CP1500 from 2019 and have been running the battery test feature each week via the USB interface

  12. Good heads up; CyberPower sold a lot of these and that's a very concerning fault mode.

  13. I'm used to battle operation 2s coloring so the colors here look really bad and cheap to me and I hope the zweihandler is easy to hold

  14. It does look cheap for it being a P-bandai kit. Like the reds in GBO2 are closer to a dark crimson and the zweihander uses a bright pink beam color, not a dull one. Also they could have made the white color a bit of a darker gray.

  15. Id assume it’s because they were the capitol for like 1000 years and were replaced with a relatively small fishing village that became one of the biggest cities in the world. They got used to being special

  16. Not to mention the "old" folk businesses are at least 1000 years old in Kyoto.

  17. Been to Kyoto a couple of times, and you do get a little feeling from people on the street kind of exasperated. But Kyoto is nowhere near as confused at your presence and mildly hostile like Sapporo. Northerners are just utterly bamboozled about why you’re that far north and aren’t just hanging around Tokyo (and especially if you’re in Susukino, cuz it’s apparently their red light district - found that out too late but they have some amazing jingiskan places there!)

  18. Quite low. Japanese consumers will prioritize safety, quality and convenience over sustainability. “Environmentally friendly” is not really a selling point here. Copious use of fossil fuel, excessive plastic packaging, massive food wastage all happen in the name of doing more for the consumer.

  19. Also in Japan, burning plastics to produce energy is considered "thermal recycling"

  20. Wait till the EFSF shows up with their Colonel Sanders, Dogosse Gier-class ship

  21. And put together in a day. By temp workers usually

  22. Also no insurance requirements and carnival company immediately declares bankruptcy if they get sued

  23. Not really a sale but many people seem to be buying this case (newer model). Might as well get a free toolkit ($19.99 msrp) by buying direct from phanteks if you plan on getting it anyways.

  24. I was really hoping this would have a hinged panel with a tab on the glass. I really wish they'd incorporate that into more of their cases as it really is a nice qol in not having to work so hard to keep the glass fingerprint free.

  25. Hinged panel, USB-C option, vented PSU shroud, and vented back panel would have been nice

  26. Smells like illegal drugs in here... Very sus we are gonna look around and plant some

  27. If you read humblebundle tos you'll find out that they are not obliged to give a cent to eff if they don't want to do so. Those sliders are only for decoration.

  28. What, really? Everything I’ve seen from the guy and his leaks checked out by release of things he covered

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