1. Plenty Pts go into surgery every day without disclosing smoking weed. Knowing would give the team some insight to your potential needs, ppl are different so they are going to monitor you and adjust accordingly. There are no solid guidelines like if Pt smokes c then must do Y-it is all Pt dependent. Ppl do wake up during procedures but usually the versed prevents Pts from remembering. Some still do. Providers know Pts aren’t honest about smoking weed (drinking/cigs), and it isn’t the end all be all. Sure it helps to know everything, but the decision is yours. If a doc finds out you lied, they may not trust you-this is another consequence for some providers.

  2. You didn’t ask this, but I’m adding it due to the legal repercussions of marriage and divorce. You’re in a tough spot, and so is your fiancé. This kind of loaning/behavior isn’t likely to change, so I suggest you and F have deep convo and get on same page. Whether it’s you keep your money separate, pay into a share acct and then each have own so if he is supporting his dad you can’t get mad; you decide not to get married due to incompatibility; you decide another amenable plan to deal with his dad…unfortunately, this needs to be addressed in depth before you get married.

  3. I’ve read that banks are moving away from them. Is this the reason ? So people have no proof in these situations ?

  4. I think in general they are trying to move away from having people use the actual branch. Several of my branches closed during covid, never reopened and those that are have one teller for drive through and one for in branch. It's a wait like back in the 90s on food stamp day.

  5. I don’t see how that makes sense when you have to deposit cash

  6. I think they are encouraging more and more people to use online banking when possible, either by making it a hassle or by making it part of the terms. Not everyone deals with cash. I am not saying rn they are totally trying to get rid of in branch, but the fewer people who do inbranch, the fewer workers they need to pay. Most things are geared toward us using plastic. If they cared about customer service and having availability for in-branch services, I wouldn't be having to drive 30-40 mins to a bank and then having to wait 45-1hr for service. This has consistently happened. Additionally, you can deposit cash at ATMS. Those are still available, however there are some things that need to be done in branch, but it is becoming increasingly difficult and I belong to a large national bank. I used to be able to get to a bank within 7 mins. Now they are closed, yet online will still say they are open, but once you drive there, they are not.

  7. Yes, but I'm addressing the argument that has been made by some, that MM was fit enough to get at least 5 miles away from the scene on foot, and that the searchers failed to contemplate that.

  8. I pant getting up from the couch for extra cookies now, but I could have easily cleared 5 miles on paved road, likely easily 20 miles if I had a purpose (and not drunk-because I never cared to run drunk/hungover).

  9. Agreed.... Understand that the argument I'm making is not whether she could have covered X miles; rather, it's would Bogardus and team have failed to recognize and account for her capabilities?

  10. I wasn't validating if she could have done it, didn't think that was disputed. I added it to suggest even I likely would have been overlooked and we were not same caliber. I wouldn't have thought covering that much ground was anything, as I did it regularly without a "purpose". Depending on how far from destination, I could also see myself or friends, trekking onward without hesitation since the service wasn't good. Who knows where she was, but I do think a runner who needs to get somewhere is going to run if need be.

  11. I’m all for the latest technology and practices, but bodies are still missed by expert searchers — for a recent example look up the Northern California search for missing runner Philip Kreychik. It had a thousand participants from 17 state agencies, with technology including gps tracking on every searcher, but it still turned up nothing. It was only after the experts said they had searched

  12. How does a case get 1000 participants from 17 state agencies, and site be told they don’t have man power or money? Like how are these type decisions determined

  13. Appliances. I had the dishwasher taken care of. I’m not going to renew the service. I’m sure when you need a bigger appliance fixed like something HVAC related it’s worth it but for the small stuff I’d rather make the phone call to a contractor myself

  14. Nope not worth it. My HVAC is broken. AHS can't get the part to fix it so they want me to pay for certain modifications to be done to my unit so that it will accept an alternative part (per what the HVAC company told me), and then they will cover the repair. I feel like if they aren't able to repair it they need to replace it per contract., but I am not even asking for that. I told them they should have to pay for the costs of modifying my unit due to the compatibility issues that arise when they have to use an alternative part since it doesn't fit. I shouldn't have to pay to make the alternative part fit so they can fix it (I can only go based on what the HVAC person tells me is going on, bc everything is "proprietary" info and they refuse to give info on what parts you actually need or are getting, how they break down the cost etc.)

  15. I’m sorry do the bat wings fold up or do you occupy the width of a lane equal to a civic?

  16. This was me picking stuff up off of Craigslist to outfit the new place.

  17. It's great that you're being cleaver and I am actually all for being resourceful and less polluting to the environment, but, I don't know how you weren't intentionally hit by someone. You certainly can't fit in a bike lane, so I assume you either stuck out into the traffic lane or rode in the lane with traffic slowing down for everyone. How fast does that pup go? Also seems dangerous to me that you have approximately one inch black projections (without proper flagging) that stick out on the side of your bike, that when other objects are not placed on top of, would be very difficult to see for a driver/cyclist/pedestrian, especially since it is unexpected. While the driver would spot you, it would be hard to spot your contraption and seems negligent to be on the roadways like that. Am I wrong? Is this normal bike stuff I am unaware of? Cyclists are hit all the time without batmocycles. In my area you don't stand a chance and would likely be found liable for negligence. I know you're proud of yourself, as it is clever, but our system (at least in areas I am familiar) are not set up for this kind of contraption, and it's super risky. I certainly find it clever, but I would find the disregard to others disrespectful. At least paint it blaze orange or something?

  18. Yea that's what I'm wondering. So just even with the stress of it all. Like having to be out of work for appointments and the police investigation, and maybe court if it gets some traction. My mental health has taken a toll, and then of course the continuous testing for the foreseeable future. So I don't want to add to the problem of people suing for no reason but I feel I have a reason and he should pay something for like what he's done/doing

  19. I wish I had more likes to give , purely for entertainment value alone

  20. Aw come on Joey, you know how domestic disputes go

  21. There is a whole process to be approved for FMLA. You can take time off work and you can miss work for medical and it not be FMLA. You can qualify for FMLA and have your rights not enacted, but there are specific procedures and documents that need to be filled out etc.

  22. I can tell by your response, a lot of your answers are coming from a place of what you read about your rights online, verse how they are actually upheld.

  23. Speaking as a former pawnshop employee, there is a big difference between counterfeit money and fake antiques. You need to establish which one he seized.

  24. I'd record the convo or interaction, even with a witness it is still your word vs theirs.

  25. How did you finance well over the cost of the car? Also, i'd get out if you can. You need to be in something more reasonable if that is the APR. Get that lowered before you buy anything that cost money!

  26. YTA and you're digging a grave for yourself w that type of parenting. Certain decisions aren't decisions for children. The ones where they lack the understanding to give assent. certainly not ones that could have negative consequences for future relationship. Burry the hatchet w Husband's family. Don't start watering the weeds- you're inviting strain on many levels. you complain they don't do enough to be involved and you get upset when they expect to be invited to her bday. you're not just harming them, its her, your husband and self

  27. Keep it open. They immediately remove the history (a month or two) and your credit goes down. I lost several over Covid, but I didn’t get that notices to keep using them and the companies refused to reinstate bc it was like a month later or something

  28. We don't have enough info on what your goals are which will influence and impact what strategy you should employe.

  29. Yeah, but overall it has been such a good company, I switched back when I could (temporarily had to leave due to an unrelated underwriting issue with the city and my unique property). It was probably a mistake of someone who didn't know what was going on, than someone trying to scam me. They fixed it right away after I requested them to review the audio and that I would pursue it if not in my favor. They didn't make me fight. They reviewed the audio and apologized within 24 hours.

  30. The current legal system only allows qualified immunity in situations where a case from that jurisdiction has led to a clear violation of rights. There was a case in Georgia where police entered a property looking for someone, found a family that was not the suspect, put the father in handcuffs and had everyone lay down at gunpoint. The dog came running, they shot at the dog, accidentally hit the kid in the leg. Kid’s parents sue. 11th district court says “well you don’t have a distinct right to NOT be shot by law enforcement so sorry. Better luck next time™️”

  31. We don't need any of this immunity crap, and despite certain rights already being acknowledged, some communities rely heavily on this immunity to break laws and skirt justice. In my city, the city did not pay workers properly, so the workers sued the city. The city was found to be wrong in not paying the workers, however the workers were not paid their unpaid wages because the city decided it did not give permission to be sued. The government will only get involved and make a person to whole at federal minimum wage regardless of what your rate of pay is supposed to be, however, they will not act on your behalf to make you whole if you have any form of employment contact. If you do, it is your responsibility to foot the bill to get those wages from your employer. This isn't looked at like the theft that it is, stealing time (or money by withholding), but rather as a problem for the worker to sort out on their own. So I wish the people in the government had to deal with the crappy laws they subject others to, but instead, they make sure they get theirs, always. For example, they still get paid during government shut downs, but the lower wage employees who work for the government and live pay check to paycheck do not get paid, cant pay their bills, and still have to show up.

  32. Where is the reddit community for the disgruntled?

  33. Did he ever get hallucinations with it? When I’m absolutely exhausted I hear voices and see people that aren’t there.

  34. You may want to go to a narcolepsy sub and see if anything resonates with you. This is a huge indicator of narcolepsy, though there could be other causes.

  35. There are several reasons this could happen. If he hears voices while tired, might want to see a sleep specialist to rule out narcolepsy. The condition isn’t what we think it is based on the media, it’s way more nuanced. Lots of people get schizophrenia diagnosis before years later getting narcolepsy diagnosis.

  36. McLean's use to publish a list of "best companies" to work for. The company i was working at use to make the list and brag about it.

  37. Same with top docs, and who's who recognition etc.

  38. Watched Arthur regularly till I was like 13 lol we didn’t have cable when I was a kid so the list of shows to watch was pretty slim but also Arthur was the shit. The real question now is, is there any way to confirm this is actually her?

  39. Hey what a wonderful kind of day when we can learn to work and play and post random facts from the past for Reddit

  40. I'm so over the facade of our justice system and government (small, big, red, blue- I don't discriminate)

  41. This is next level insanity. Sorry you’re having this experience. Is it possible this friend is secretly in love with you? Seems way too unhinged to be any kind of normal and that level of obsession is frightening and makes me think she might be secretly in love with you

  42. Likely you were given local anesthetic. Lido would be my guess (1 or 2% common in EDs for this, but if it numbed for a long time ( several hours vs 2, they may have used something like bupivicaine. With or without epinephrine, though epi is better at keeping the medicine local. You can take Tylenol and or Ibuprofen, but sometimes your doc may recommend to hold on Ibuprofen. Did they say your jaw is fractured? Depending on where, it may need to be “fixed” with a splint or screws and plates, but sometimes it doesn’t get anything beside home measures. Only your doc can truly advise you since there are several things to consider. If you’re concerned your jaw is fractured or it now longer functions as a single unit, see OMFS, if it’s only your tooth, see dentist. Good luck. Got any pics?

  43. confused why the sheriffs slaughtered the goat instead of giving it to the rightful owner to do as they pleased or to 4H to slaughter themselves. like why the tax payers footing this, or was the slaughter a reward fro the sheirfffs, since you know excuse to draw blood

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