1. Being a faker while dressing as Junko became too mainstream gotta switch it up

  2. they’ve already claimed her I’m afraid 😔

  3. ok no, apart from her being attractive, it's the way she turns around, gets on her knees, and stands up, which makes the announcer stutter. It's a pose some women do when they are receiving a cumshot to their face while being on their knees and their partner standing above them.

  4. girl was on her knees in a funny way for two seconds and you’re already thinking about cumshots…

  5. It’s a trend, it’s called decora and it got really popular in Japan. Idk if you were honestly asking but 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. tbh i was being sarcastic but im glad I learned this cause it’s cute ty :’)

  7. goofy ahh 🥶🥶 just roleplay already fr like what 😭😭😭

  8. what’s wrong with having video game crushes? bring back yumejo pride

  9. Genshin✅Danganronpa✅ South Park✅ Haikyuu✅MHA✅. Bingo

  10. yea,, surgical asepsis level bc mentally I feel like they’re not as sharp when they’re dirty lol

  11. i mean,,, ppl still make Kazuha/Friend fics + art he’ll be fine :) although it got overtaken by Kazuha/Scara somehow lol

  12. I gave up. feels like I’m spreading disinformation :’)

  13. You know what's funnier? Doesn't like Danganronpa but I met them in my Danganronpa server

  14. first time I see one of these ppl who does not like Danganronpa OR MHA🧐 I was boutta say there’s no way

  15. “Hey it’s your Uber driver here… Am outside”

  16. ive kind of started describing my life as an NPC's lol,, like I’m always tucked in there somewhere in the background of ppls lives with nothing going for me. not complaining though

  17. lemme put on the Childe wig on real quick

  18. early versions of the game were the golden age for Childe mains

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