1. What was Carly doing with her bottom lip/jaw? Looked super weird.

  2. Jia is such a strong dancer! She has such a natural swag within her energy on stage and a sharpness to her movements. I love watching her perform!

  3. I could NEVVARRRR be with someone who slept with one of my parents. Eewww. Typing that out is just so gross.

  4. Wait, so Joss changed and redid her hair for this shirtless encounter?

  5. The character has had a lot of reasons over the years to want to be in the field, starting with her own stolen kidney. But it makes no sense now.

  6. How did she have her kidney stolen? (Fairly new watcher)

  7. The staff would know it wasn't really him. Maybe it's just a plot hole

  8. Wait, wouldn't the staff be able to tell it wasn't really him? Wth

  9. I know that LC has had health issues but they didn't even mention her. Just saying she was upstairs with the kids or something would have been nice.

  10. I can't figure out if BLQ is crying because Chase broke up with her or because she can't get him to do what she wants.

  11. Oh, 100% The latter. Imo she's upset because she can't get her way

  12. I really like Sasha's dress. It's just so simple and elegant...and it would be multicolored by the time I finished wearing it at Thanksgiving.

  13. Omg. I'm sorry but the stunt person flailing in fire looked so goofy

  14. People have calculated the voting data. We just don’t have the motivations lol. Like you can conclusively say that she received more votes than Xiaoting and Dayeon combined and she had a tiny fraction of their total screen time.

  15. Amount of screen time a contestant had does not equate to the amount of votes they received.

  16. I understand your opinion. But they're free to share their own opinion on the subject, as well. You shouldn't try to supress another's comment just because you don't agree with it or because you don't think it's relevant.

  17. What the hell is wrong with them? They must be exceptionally arrogant to reinstate her with all the negative global attention they’ve gotten lately due to her awful treatment of Omega X. They must think they’re untouchable which is, frankly, even scarier. That they think that they can not only do all this, but be found out and that they’d still get away with it, means that they’re absolutely going to continue mistreating trainees and idols, probably even more so and more blatantly if there aren’t significant consequences.

  18. I don't think they reinstated her, I don't think she ever left. They just moved her to another department.

  19. Same! My 5 bananas ended up being 15 bunches for some reason. They spent more on the bananas than I was charged for my order (they left their receipt in one of the bags). Bonkers.

  20. Wait.. so you ordered 5 bananas and they went and separately purchased 15 bunches of bananas themselves and put those in your order? Don't they wait until they receive payment first before making the purchase? Or do they normally purchase things on their own to then put in your order? That sounds so strange and not a sustainable business model. Can you explain, please? I'm so confused. Lol. I don't use Instacart so I'm not familiar.

  21. I know there’s still some time left but are we just skipping over Michael and Danielle lol

  22. Kelly T getting her Emmy reel teed up before she leaves for the night time firemen soap

  23. Aaron’s going to spend a number of years throwing women into emotional turmoil before he realizes he’s the problem

  24. Clip is on her OTV IG page, there is no alcohol. Just water bottle on there.

  25. I feel like the normal people should make a separate sub where we can watch the show, discuss the drama and have fun without reading into everything, getting offended and cancelling everyone

  26. Yes please. I can't stand the constant striving to be offended by everything

  27. Let's have a private conversation at the place you're supposed to meet Victor right before he gets here. Lol. Smart.

  28. What the heck is joss wearing 🤦🏼‍♀️

  29. What do you mean? She looks good. She's just wearing jeans and a long sleeve body suit.

  30. It looks like a dress from Selkie. If you like this one you should check them out on insta, they have a lot of pretty dresses like this.

  31. She was awfully underutilised in that group. I feared this would happen but not for these reasons. I hope she gets well soon.

  32. She was a completely hidden gem. She was overlooked by fans because they didn't utilize her at all! Damn this one hurts.

  33. same she’s my bias too!! i genuinely let out a gasp when i read this :( but as u said her health is—and should always be—her main priority. i’m glad she’s focusing on taking care of herself but i will miss her

  34. I was so shocked reading this I gasped so loud... Like no!!! I deal with health issues and serious anxiety and depression so I totally understand why it would be difficult for her. But I had no sense of anything from her. She seemed to love to perform and love being on stage. I never noticed and anxiousness. But some people have different levels, some less, some more. And some people hide it better so there's no telling. I'm just so shocked. I had no idea there was anything going on with her.

  35. Told y'all he was setting her up. He's smart enough to test her. Someone down in the live thread said Robert has dementia. Lol, no. I don't think that's the storyline for him... Not right now anyways.

  36. Whoever called it earlier this week that the shooter was holly was totally right. I wasn't sure if it was her or Alex's dead twin. But we have our answer!

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