Turns out marching 1 km on open ground against an entrenched opponent on high ground was not the best idea

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  1. Legit the only way to get MVP as defender/support with the current system is if the rest of your team is awful. I’ve almost never been proud getting MVP cause it just means I had to carry a team of Speedsters with a Blissey 💀

  2. As a Talonflame spammer I thank you for your service. I love Blissey's, just means I can continue hitting everyone. >:D.

  3. All I can say is thank you for not running away from me and helping me, help you, help us. ❤️

  4. I mean, Blissey enabled me to go head to head with a Dragonite and come out on top, which is a match-up I usually don't win because Dragonite is bulky.

  5. Damn... this is making me want to play another gacha game.

  6. As a Timelord player, they're not good enough to be toxic. They're just incredibly annoying. You either have easy access to Timelord removal and you win easily, or you have no Timelord removal and lose easily.

  7. I think that's the point. Being incredibly annoying makes them toxic. That being said I run odd-eyes vortex so.....

  8. If your goal was to prolong the empire, it'd be better to bring a few econ textbooks.

  9. Lets start by explaining inflation and GDP...

  10. 5am and 9pm mine are up and bouncing around, the rest of the time they just nap/eat. Your bunny is either very pregnant or significantly overweight. Please take the bunny to the vet ASAP. If those are pine branches in the pic pet bunnies should not be eating those.

  11. That’s the same way in Germany. Depending on how drunk you were you can claim you had no control over yourself and then psychologists decide weather you were capable of understanding what you were doing in the moment. If not, the sentence is much less harsh.

  12. Sounds like the substantial capacity test aka Model Penal Code (MPC) test aka ALI test (American Legal Institute, the organization that created the MPC. The MPC has been generally adopted by all the States in whole or in part or with or without modifications).

  13. Their support chain includes them cooking together. Ashe cooked for his little siblings, and Dedue enjoys cooking for people too. In another support, Ashe gives one of the other Blue Lions cooking lessons, and Dedue gains a fan in Flayn when she tries his food.

  14. Ahoy ilikedota5! Nay bad but me wasn't convinced. Give this a sail:

  15. to me, until a fetus is able to live without the mother’s body, it is not a person and therefore has no bodily autonomy. it is a part of the mother’s body.

  16. Since removal of the of the embryo from the mother and the mother's bodily autonomy is inseparable from killing the embryo and violating the embryo's bodily autonomy.

  17. TCGs, and just collectible cards in general are gambling is the unspoken problem. They actually meet all 3 factors of the tests, and are almost universally targeted at children, but for whatever reason most people think that's OK.

  18. Considering I'm generalizing mostly first world law when I defined them earlier in the thread, this sounds trolly, but you'll find a variation of all 3 in the definition of bet in US Code 5362, as an example.

  19. So much built towards the result, right? Like that whole "For the want of a nail" poem illustrating small things adding up to a big loss, the Union's early actions added up to an eventual victory. For the want of good defensible ground, the battle was won.

  20. For example, cavalry weren't quite involved here, which honestly given the fortifications, wouldn't be that helpful in direct fighting. Though the cavalry were away from the main battle thus not involved. The Union got the better end. The Union cavalry kept the Confederate cavalry busy and stopped them from attacking supply lines or engaging in sabotage. The Confederates meanwhile could have used them given the intense fighting and their slight numerical inferiority. And keeping the cavalry busy meant they couldn't be used to forage for supplies, and while both sides needed a lot of supplies because big battles and armies and long battles require them, Confederates had supply issues in general, but the Union had railroads.

  21. Meade was a cool guy. When Grant was made general commander, he just went "yep, that's cool, fair enough" and fulfilled his secondary role in the best possible way. McClellan was an egotist, Meade just wanted to win the war.

  22. There is a story that at a dinner someone told him that I heard you were assigned to train some n words. His response was affirming that was true, that is my duty, and I will train them into the best fighting n words. His stance on slavery and racism is otherwise unknown.

  23. Interesting. I don't think I actually unlocked it, so IDK what the lyrics are.

  24. If we take that argument just a planck forward, your consumption of clean water is depriving someone in a water critical climate the atmospheric humidity to grow crops thus not only murdering the individual but their community. You absolute monster you.

  25. No it doesn't because water is a shared resource across the globe. Me drinking water doesn't deprive another person of water for crops. If your point is that poor water usage in aggregate causes that, then you should be pointing at more wasteful usages, not the essential need for drinking water. The other issue is that drinking water and planting crops are both essential activities.

  26. And neither will you not being an organ and tissue donor. Might make someones life harder, but outta the two people to be. Id take the alive but has to dialysis over dead

  27. My point is its factually flawed. Also organ donations if the person is alive vs dead is also a relevant factor imo.

  28. *blushing and looking down* "Sorry. Um... This is awkward, but may I have my phone back?"

  29. American: Banh Mi or Korean Style Chicken Wings, Angus Cottage Pie, Bulgogi Pizza or Chicken Salsa Wrap or Mushroom Soup, Cobb Salad, Gelato, Bulgogi Bake or Clam Chowder, Croquettes or Barbecue Chicken Wings, Crispy Spicy Chicken or Clam Chowder, and Turkey and Provolone sandwich or Chicken Sandwich Salad.

  30. Can't, am blocked. But feel free to destroy that guy, another choice quote of his is calling Oryx a CIA/MI6 front.

  31. I mean, if people happen to have issues with autistic people, and want to get it off their chest, is there a reason they shouldn't post it there?

  32. When the (i have no idea what r/'s are called reddits?) are over populated with one thing then yes it's a problem it means you shouldn't be here you should be trying to talk with that person or your parents about your siblings ect ect

  33. Fair enough. That makes sense. Although Quora can also be just as bad if not worse than reddit in terms of just sheer... factual wrongness.

  34. No, it’s a man so he wouldn’t be charged. She’d somehow be charged posthumously for murder.

  35. on a serious note, in 38 states, the laws include that as double homicide, and mind you that preceded the recent events.

  36. It’s not light at all. Pretty sure he’d be charged for murder of the fetus. And/or she would, too.

  37. Well, in many states, 38, that would be double homicide, and that precedes the recent events.

  38. I've been to Canada many times, and overall the differences between how a Canadian speaks and an American are very subtle

  39. There is a channel called Langfocus which covers languages. (surprise surprise). When he was covering English varieties, he revealed he is actually Canadian, but will be doing the American English voice lines unless there is a valid reason to have someone else do it. I've also seen clips of Linus Sebastian (Canadian YouTuber use both Z and zed in the same sentence)

  40. It is a power shell command I believe. You can do just about anything from there

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