1. Paypal Park is a much more relaxed experience. Relatively easy to get in and out, bathrooms lines aren’t too crazy, and has a “baseball” like atmosphere. Great to take the family if anything like safety is a concern. Tickets are affordable and you can get a great view of the pitch from any seat.

  2. I get the sentiment, but it makes no sense. He already didnt make at Barca so why would we come to a lower league and just tank it because he wants to party. He is going to want to find a big payday down the line and make it back into Europe.

  3. Yes of course, but you never know. It was just striking to me last year how easily bodied off the ball he was, especially when you compare him with Gavi who is five years younger but far stronger and physical

  4. People like to say that Xavi, Iniesta, and Messi were also considered "small", but all of those players had 30-40 lbs on Puig. I don't think many realize just how frail Puig is.

  5. With the ball at his feet, sure. Not so much without from what I’ve seen

  6. He runs around like a headless chicken without the ball. It's probably the most astonishing positioning and "defensive work" I've seen from a La Masia graduate.

  7. Lol, some of his fans on twitter are hoping that Lucho will pick him for the WC after he finally plays a few games because David Villa was once picked for spain when he was in the MLS...

  8. Puig can't take playing first division football in Europe seriously, and now his fanboys expect him to make an unexpected breakthrough at a club where the laziest former stars go to disappoint and take advantage of the LA lifestyle lol

  9. The conversion from La Liga to MLS is like +10,000% so he’ll do great. Carles Gil has set records so no reason Riqui won’t create chances. Now we have to bet on if he or Bale will do better in LA. I may have to actually watch El Traffico now.

  10. ehh I'm not sure how "successful" he'll be in MLS. For the lack of technical level in that league, the physical demand might be too much for Puig. The back-and-forth tactics, weather, travel, and physicality are all reasons many former stars remain mediocre in MLS. Players like Giovinco, Villa, Ibra, etc who took the league seriously, performed well.

  11. If this club was in the English pyramid it would definitely be in administration in League Two

  12. If that happens LAFC is just going to walk the league. Good for teams having “down years” cause no one is going to compete with them

  13. I mean, they cannot give OP retail or they wouldn't exist. Of course OP can sell directly but they pretty clearly don't run in the kind of circles that buy and sell collector cameras. It only has additional value to a very select few people. Sure, could OP sell it for more than Tamarkin or Leica Store Miami would give for it, of course. Will there be significantly more legwork and hassle? Also yes. All things have value. Time, hassle and sanity are but a few things that will be tested here and OP has no cash in on this.

  14. I’d definitely recommend OP call Dan at Tamarkin. Super friendly fellow who will probably give you good advice/evaluation even if you’re not selling to him.

  15. Idk, getting a job as an NFL assistant doesn't really seem like a "life comes at you fast" moment

  16. Most former players have to do grunt work when joining the coaching staff. The ones that go beyond this are obviously dedicated to the craft if they're spending hours going through film/scouting. Pretty big commitment to do this so kudos to JT.

  17. The DVD comedians are showing their age lol.

  18. He was at most a high school player wasn't he? Not too bad considering he's most likely in a dress shirt.

  19. Love how methodical top division players are at pinging the ball around.

  20. The reason I find it hard to get as excited for Lenglet is that it's just a loan with no option. If Conte thinks he can help us win this year, then I'm glad we got him, but it feels like he's a placeholder until one of our other targets becomes available next summer.

  21. At the same time it's a great deal of business if Conte isn't rushing to get a favored target. If a target like Bastoni isn't feasible this summer, there's no reason to commit to someone like Lenglet as a long term option.

  22. For sure. I think it's sensible business. I actually think he's going to be really good for us. It's just hard to get too excited for a player who won't be here long term.

  23. They like his vision and sporting plan. He also makes sure to make players feel wanted and appreciated.

  24. The fact that he was a great leader for one of the all time greatest squads in football history helps. Someone who was well respected by Messi, Iniesta, Henry, Puyol, etc. is going to have a decent level of charisma.

  25. Can confirm, but his best attribute is reading the game and actually timing his headers.

  26. Would much rather have this quality than immobile trees in the backline.

  27. Everything not fitting the narrative is inferior.

  28. We've seen players like Puyol (178cm), Mascherano (175cm), and Cannavaro (175cm) have world class careers playing in the backline. Not to say Martinez is specifically in this company, but an intelligent player is going to be able to overcome their deficiencies with other aspects of their game.

  29. watching this live was insane. Just goes to show how fast the pro level is.

  30. It’s bizarre how he managed to put on so much weight but didn’t lose that much pace. He must be a medical enigma.

  31. I think he started seeing the result of that in his time at Madrid. He was getting lower body injury after lower body injury. It was probably catching up to him.

  32. Wasn’t his best szn w Barca in a back 4 with Valverde?

  33. He also had a much younger Alba, Pique, and Busquets to support him. They've all been aging around him and that's really exposed Lenglet's weaknesses.

  34. Watch Davies bench him like he has all challengers.

  35. Lenglet has been very inconsistent the past several seasons so I wouldn't be shocked. But he has top level experience and is good with his feet so he's great depth for the backline.

  36. Don’t forget the 59 times Twellman says “absolute” or “absolutely” and phrases a statement as a question for no reason

  37. Take a shot for everytime he says "half-spaces"

  38. 60m lol, going up 10m everyday it seems. Just forget it.

  39. The current Barcelona squad is paper thin. They desperately need more depth to play Champions League, even though Lewandowski would obviously improve their goal output.

  40. MLS might be one of the few "lower skill level" first division leagues to avoid if you're expecting vacation. The physicality, travel, and weather are a huge recipe for disaster for older players looking for an early retirement.

  41. Your first sentence seems to completely contradict your second one but I may just be ignorant

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