1. For the past couple months I’ve been transfixed with the Kristin Smart murder trial, it’s in the jury’s hands now. Hoping her family gets justice 🙏

  2. the suspect was found in my hometown!! i’ve also been super invested in it. I hope her family gets closure and justice after all these years

  3. To the best of my knowledge it would be really difficult to remove someone’s name from a bank account if they weren’t either there in person or you had a death certificate. If his brothers did something like that then that lie would presumably unravel very quickly and they would face fraud charges.

  4. they could be trying to move assets if they’re facing financial/legal/tax issues :0

  5. I mean nothing would surprise me in the housewives universe when it comes to financial crimes.

  6. me too. :( i’m hoping for their kids’ sake they’re okay (I would imagine their lifestyle will change but they will most likely be okay due to mia’s HW salary)

  7. camille would do a las vegas-style club dance for her lip sync

  8. my friend is talking to a guy “tom” and I can think about is luann french voice tomas

  9. just PLEASE no more sexy scenes with her and jerry gergich

  10. All I know is I randomly get the following in my mind once a week:

  11. mary’s killed me because every time something bad happened to another cast member I would literally think “oh shit that’s mary again”

  12. I would love to see it but i’m not sure if she would. she’s a virgo queen so maybe she can give us LVP vibes.

  13. She’s a Capricorn Moon while LVP is a Cancer Moon so they’re totally different. Virgo-Capricorn is much more blunt, judgey, serious, and moody. I actually dated one before it was rough but he would’ve thrived on reality tv because he was so good at being a bitch.

  14. yes, I just meant HBIC vibes! michelle wouldn’t be afraid to read the ladies, regardless of if it affects her social standing. BH needs someone like that

  15. could it be 2010: the year we make contact? star wars films also have two suns

  16. I will look it up. I don't think it's Star Wars, i watched all of them and don't remember any similar scene

  17. trying to figure out what to watch next? i’m currently working my way through the last season of Melb. i’ve seen all the us franchises but Dallas, MIA and some of NJ. any recs?

  18. she looks a bit like katie holmes to me. not british, but the two could be sisters

  19. I wonder if saying "I love you" when being romantic they both just say "I love our brand"

  20. she’s the puppet. everyone else is the master.

  21. potomac is really good too!! very likable cast

  22. idk if this is a hot take but I dislike lisa barlows style. it’s very juvenile, gives me shein

  23. has anyone been watching lagos? I haven’t started yet but curious about if anyone has seen it!

  24. RHOP is still alive and kicking baby 🌸

  25. maybe not the most, but vicki is one hard worker

  26. Gizelle!! she would make me giggle and I could roast her for her horrible fashion sense.

  27. picturing meredith as sheila jackson from shameless is making me giggle

  28. Yes and her little office too, and at the S7 reunion she defended Sonja with her knowledge about department stores!

  29. I don’t like ramona as a person, but love and respect her as a HW and businessperson. I saw this video interview once with ramona and she said she agreed to make the first season of RHONY for 3700 dollars with the agreement that she could also promote true faith jewelry. the rest of the NY hws got much less than 1000! she’s very savvy- a true maven.

  30. Dorit 💯 I do not understand her finances. It doesn’t add up.

  31. didn’t pk say he was into crypto now too? so easy to slip up there and get into some shady business (if that’s not what’s already happening)

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