1. Khloaca will love this narrative, being able to be apart but still having him over for the 2am calls

  2. Maybe he’ll be too worried about the rolled up socks falling out of his own pants

  3. I’m sorry as someone with a fat ass like myself- She looks so much better on the left, the right is giving walmart photoshop - sorry!! Make the pants lookSO CHEAP suddenly

  4. I think both sides look good, but the padding is unnecessary.

  5. Isn't that Sarah Howard (edit: Kourtney's friend who she started Poosh with) to Joe Francis' left? She's sitting awfully close to him. It's giving off vibes like they had a thing too. Messy.

  6. For all the other women to visit. He's just reducing his travel time

  7. Exactly. He can keep doing whatever/whoever he wants, and Khloe can just pretend she doesn't know.

  8. i started to go down a rabbit hole and look up Alabama’s “manager” Jess. I smell yachting on the open seas. shame.

  9. You gotta match the thighs!!!! Match the damn thighs. I went to the nail salon this past weekend, and the nail tech got a full mommy, makeover tummy tuck, and bbl... She could barely walk through the shop without wincing in pain, but besides that, her ass looked like a bowling ball balancing on two twigs.

  10. Going from the 6th to the 7th slide is craaaazy the last slide looks like it should be the edited one💀 I know hylie will have edited the last slide but we’ve all seen how ridiculous she looks irl she’d look a million times better like this!!

  11. No wonder she keeps taking Tristan back. I bet behind the scenes she’s begging for Tristan to come back. Instead of the narrative they’ve developed that Tristan is yet again trying to get khloe back

  12. Makes sense why he had the audicity to joke with her "more like you're never leaving me." Because it's true.

  13. Nope. You attained your status by sucking cock on video, you then marketed the said video and built your career from it. Not all of us has the ability to eat shame for breakfast like you, Kum.

  14. Even before that, her family was already rich with Hollywood connections.

  15. And Kimothy was still stealing from Brandy’s family..🥴 Never trust a thief, ever.

  16. Exactly. She was never an underdog. She's a thief.

  17. Donald Trump: If Ivanka wasn’t my daughter I’d be dating her.

  18. remember when the 3 sisters smelled each other's vaginas to see whose smells best

  19. Did they smell each others or was it just Khloe smelling Kim and Kourtney's, iirc?? Haha 🤮

  20. Kylie's eyes make me feel sad. She looks like a drugged up sex trafficking victim.

  21. And the times where there's a hair dryer running and you can hear "Jesus is love."

  22. Isn't she tired of working all the time by now? She spent many years purposefully showing her face at specific places and events to get photographed to gain fame. Now that she's famous, she's still carrying on the same tactics, taking every job that crosses her desk to represent some crappy product that doesn't even fit with their brand - it gives the same desperate energy as when she first started.

  23. 😂 I remember when this was originally posted.

  24. Big smooth bubble lips aren't a good look. Her lips are usually wrinkly/textured as most lips are, so it's clear as day she's had them filled up.

  25. It’s because she sleeps in a full beat- I bet her pores never get to breath.

  26. She also probably doesn't get enough sleep because she's a workaholic. There was a compilation of clips of her constantly yawning with her mouth open and falling asleep (napping) on KUWTK.

  27. These episodes and the Rob/Chyna episodes are my go to comfort episodes. I don’t know why lol. I feel comfort in the mess.

  28. 😂 the last one. Her expression and bad lighting.

  29. Her ass is at least 2x the length of her torso holy f

  30. The upper lip filler migration is really bad.

  31. Omg her face looks like some kind of reptile.

  32. I have two sisters who were spoiled brats and as a dude, I hated seeing my mom do everything so I helped out with a lot of the cleaning and dishes. To hell with tradition, I love my mom too much

  33. That's very considerate of you. Your future partner will be lucky to have you.

  34. Idk about this generation, but old school Vietnamese men are full of themselves that they refuse to lend a hand to help their women when they are around their friends. It's like the tradition for all the women to clean up after a party, and the men only do the chit chatting. My dad has that kind of mentality, and it's very annoying

  35. I've observed that men with that mentality were usually babied by their mom.

  36. Is this new or old ? Cause she looks TERRIBLE here !!!!!!

  37. Let's be honest; he's only saying it cause it isn't him. He's never felt this sentiment and never told Kourtney's family that they should have supported her when he was doing what he was doing.

  38. He would have agreed with Kris that Kourtney needed to give him more attention.

  39. It's not Kim's responsibility to manage her husband's behavior.

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