1. Not sure why you’ve been so rude to the people that have tried to help… but cracking is caused by temperature fluctuations and differentiating expansion and contraction rates of the different materials the balls are made of. There’s no sure fire way to keep balls from cracking but the general consensus seems to be in a warm~ 75°F temperature controlled room, against a non-exterior wall. One of your responses said your reign of fire cracked that ball was old as dirt… unless it’s an old urethane ball it was bound to happen at some point🤷‍♂️ and your high road was probably on display and dried out dust can suck plasticizers out of the cover making it more brittle. Who knows but you don’t gotta be so rude to people trying to help ya man if you disagree ya disagree

  2. Rude? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 GTFOH with that BS. First of all. The post wasn't about cracking ball. So try again. Secondly, what I do with my money is my business. Thirdly I thanked the ones for good advice about the question at hand. And finally. I've never had a ball crack in the trunk of my car. So I don't care to hear about anyone's feelings about where my ballz are being storage. Rude? What you don't consider rude is the problem.

  3. In a comment you complained about balls cracking, and cold weather has no effect on my equipment whatsoever because I’m not an idiot and don’t leave my balls in the cold. People like you should be removed from groups like these you’re just a jerk with too much money and too much time on your hands who isn’t willing to listen to people who want to help.

  4. Never complain about ballz cracking. Never said cold weather doesn't effect ballz. Never call anyone an idiot. People like me is needed. Bcuz we have our own experiences. Where did I tell you how much money I got? Too much time on my hands? That's funny. Isn't willing to listen? Did I not respond? Oh I listened. And my experiences doesn't mean anything. So who really isn't listening.

  5. Typically fun / non competitive leagues only cost a few dollars more than the center fees. You are basically bowling just above cost with a little bit of reward at the end.

  6. All that is sorted out in the league rules prior to the season. I have never participated in any adult league that did not have a prize fund paid out for points and various awards.

  7. I agree. Which half the people in the meetings aren't listening. Bcuz they just want to bowl. But then later. Ask questions that was discussed in the meeting. It's just frustrating.

  8. Teammate talking politics. And got into his feelings bcuz he was a Trump supporter and his blamed his ex for him catching the Rona.

  9. How ever many you need to the conditions on the lanes. I bring 5. Practice with all 5. And the first one that looks good. Is tge second ball I change to when transition hits. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I have my benchmark ball that I start with.

  10. Why spend it on 1 thing when you could get 2 things? Just bcuz you get a high-end ball. Doesn't mean it will improve your score if you don't have the fundamentals right.

  11. You can go to the bowling alley website. If they have leagues. It should have info there. Or you could just call and ask.

  12. Instead of "rather than", I'm thinking ill go with "in addition too". Sound advice, and definitely well received. I'm already talking to a friend with around a 260 average thats going to coach me. He's even got a handful of 300s under his belt. If I don't like his style of teaching my local PSO said he would help me as much as he can for a modest fee. Lol. I don't think I'm ready for the commitment of leagues yet, but thats going to be the next step after that. The boost I have is ok, but I really want to see what another ball will do, call it an experiment rather than a attempt to buy a higher score. Equipment is important, but generally not the end all for results. I learned that playing disc golf for years. I'm basically starting with the fundamentals here and I understand that. I'm as beginner as it gets basically.

  13. Get lower. You are releasing the ball at your knee. Which is why you are dropping the ball on the lane. Do you start out that far left to start? A guy told me. The closer you are to the gutter. Keeps you from throwing it out towards it. I was like you. Feeling like I would be in the gutter often. He lined me up on the 2nd dot on the right. And make sure your right shoulder at release is lined up with the 2nd arrow. And make sure the ball crosses it. It worked.

  14. I practice first game first ball only trying to hit the 10 pin. And ball making the spare. 2nd game first ball 7 pin make spare. 3 game every 5 frames throw different balls.pick up spares. Depends on how many ballz I have. And my final game is for score. Or I might do 3 games for score.

  15. I will kept it real. Get whatever ball you want. Bcuz you have to figure out how to get it to the pocket. And learn how to roll it. Being new to bowling. Learning all phases of it is the challenge. You will find out as you bowl more. You are constantly learning. Beginning is fun. Enjoy that. But as you get better it's frustrating. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 When you start league. You will set your avg. I will say. Whatever that avg is. Strive to get it. You sound like you're invested in learning. So hold on for the ride. It's a Rollercoaster.

  16. The yelling incident the main league guy saw/heard them screaming back and forth, but didn’t see the start of it. Tonight my husband told the main guy she was at it again and he needs to say something to her.

  17. I agree. That's disrespectful as hell. She definitely was doing too much. Like how hard is it for her to either help fix it or get someone to fix it? Welcome to bowling. You will find out. They preach it should be fun. Until the Bowling Police show their face.

  18. The league might not actually have a sergeant-at-arms and she might have self-appointed herself (it seems so, anyway). Now USBC Rule 104f states that someone elected/appointed to that position does what the president calls for.

  19. Chain of command. Inform the sergeant at arms. If that doesn't fix the problem. Which is the verbal. Then tell the sergeant at arms and President. Verbal has already been given. Then the consequence. For our league. 1 wk suspension. 2nd time. 2wks. 3rd. Bbye

  20. It's not a rule. But usually they put a 1 lane buffer. You should ask your house about that. Our house when I came in to practice. Bcuz they knew I would respect both leagues. Would give me the buffer pair. And they usually don't put open bowlers next to me if they don't have too. It's just annoying when the parents just let their kids run around. And when you nicely explain. You don't want your kid to get hit with a 15lb ball on the back swing. Usually the understand. But you have the ones that rather let their kid catch a ball.

  21. I think the complaining is all there insecurities leaching thru, try your best to not listen! They are everywhere, and have excuses and complaints always!!😉🎳 Keep Striking~!!!

  22. 1st shot is my 10 pins which I struggle in. What the 2nd shot is my strike ball with all my balls to watch motions.

  23. At this point. Why even ask this question? Alot of people that have a problem with it. Doesn't seem to have the same problem with no thumb one arm bowlers. Why is that? That being said. I have no problem with it. They still got throw the ball and get it to the pocket. They have to do everything a one handed bowler gotta do. So really what's the problem? Bowl better.

  24. I hear ya! I bowl in the second shift on a every other Saturday league and I have trouble sometimes even as a lefty. I don't want to think about what the third shift league has to deal with.

  25. You play what you're given. You have to treat it like a sport shot and learn to adjust.

  26. That is so true. Which I have a new found respect for late leaguers. It actually help me learn to roll the ball better.

  27. On my last one, i felt like i was in a tunnel with Tourette’s trying not to pass out, body numb and tingling, didnt want to even throw it. Hit my mark but i was amped and my speed to fast, light pocket hit, left the 7 pin

  28. My Tenth frame was the most horrible shots. But I knew. If I didn't look at anyone. And stuck to my routine. 300 was a given. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. The OG Hy-Road is a Hybrid coverstock, where-as the SE (I had never even heard of it before now, must've been a special release), is a Pearl cover. It looks like the SE is just a Hy-Road Pearl, just a different color. So the SE would be longer and sharper down lane based on pearl coverstock principles, while the OG Hy-Road would read the lane a little earlier and be a little smoother down lane. I have both an OG Hy-Road and a Hy-Road Pearl in my bag, they both go everywhere I bowl with me, there is enough difference in their reactions to have both in my opinion.

  30. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 sounds like the approaches was tacky. Have your team Captn inform the other team captn. And if it continues Sergeant at Arms needs to get involve. Know how to use your chain of command.

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