1. Certainly one of my favorites off of IA.

  2. Hmm. I’m curious how you think so.

  3. The fact that most of the audience at Radio City were Boomers or Gen X led to a lot of friction between standers and sitters. Guys over 50 paid for the plushest venue in New York and are accustomed to sitting for an entire show. Prog=sitting. They got into yelling matches with the Millennials who stood the whole time.

  4. Prog=sitting? Feels very biased.

  5. Since people don’t like to read information put under titles,

  6. I find it kind of funny that you say you don’t like love/breakup songs when that’s the theme of all of the songs you liked the most.

  7. Yeah, I guess I wasn’t specific enough.

  8. Wish I could go! Too far from my house. Hope you have a great time!

  9. Dang! I wish you could be there, too! Are they gonna be anywhere closer to you at all?

  10. First it was Blackest Eyes. Then it was Heart Attack in a Layby. Now I think Sound of Muzak takes the top marks for me ever since I learned that it's reportedly what Neal Peart would use to test out hi-fi equipment.

  11. Actually never realized it meant Call of Duty. Neat!

  12. I’ve never seen anything so fucking funny in here. Original ?

  13. I'm not saying she's unoriginal, where'd you get that?

  14. You using 'unique' being quoted in this context says you're saying the subject is unoriginal. You're obviously pressed enough to make a meme about it and post it; you poking fun at them does say you give a shit, otherwise you wouldn't spend your time doing it. On that note, what is your unique music taste?

  15. I'm a kid who likes 70's prog rock (yes, rush, frank zappa, etc.)

  16. This brings a whole new meaning to ‘The Rock Is Cooking’.

  17. Thanks for noticing my thing!

  18. I don't think Feedback is a studio album...

  19. But it isn’t their own material. It’s all covers, so is it really a Rush album?

  20. If you had to, rank the albums in the A tier, best to worst.

  21. I own a bunny as well. Don't take it personally.

  22. I think you mean the snow dog?

  23. thats terrible news LOL to your family

  24. I hope you mean Lots Of Love, not Laughing Out Loud.

  25. I don’t know why it says nsfw. Apologies.

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