how is this a real game

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  1. I remember those rumors about Peter being added a few months ago

  2. You know I've only played Fortnite once, but I gotta say I think what they've done is pretty incredible and it's probably really awesome for kids to play with their friends.

  3. It's awesome as adult too. It's just funny as hell. And there's many custom modes you can play, or you can create your own maps and modes.

  4. Because its funny as hell. They got dragon ball abiltiies now that can destory walls and most objects on map

  5. Epic said nothing this is leak

  6. Goddamn when was the last time I played this mode? Easily like 2018 4 yrs ago haha. Wonder why its take so long to come back.

  7. Wasnt there like version that had jetpacks in it in 2018? Shit was hella fun. I was so ass at the game back then but I still had fun 10v1 kids

  8. EA already got my 100 € last nov. If game is out before it expires, I'mma speedrun this **** and not BUY or extend my sub. If it comes out later, I won't be able to play it without paying more money.


  10. I swear to God if this is another fluff piece I’m gonna lose it! We want to know what is ACTUALLY going on

  11. Imma let that slide if they finna decide to fix shitty PC frame rate.

  12. They finna get these kids hooked on FUT and make way more once they start spending on FIFA points.

  13. THIS IS NOT NEWS. I can type same shit lol.

  14. All we have is silver except special editions with codes which are black

  15. Used to be peak Fortnite for me. Shame I sucked back then and barely played it.

  16. This means round 2 of the unreleased marvel items in creative

  17. Bold of you to assume that the game has enough of a playerbase to do that.

  18. It doesn't And even if it did splitting players into groups is bad idea

  19. True. I quit playing at one point because of the PC players. Turned off cross play and everything was dead. No play station players no nothing unless i hosted my own matches with cross play off. Then i noticed everyone coming over to play my server and eventually was able to turn off the AI to get full XP back which is fun as feck

  20. Barely any one is cheating. Unlike BFV that has and still is flooded with cheaters.

  21. It’s the same thing as the Iron Man Mythic from Ch 2 Season 4 and the other Dragon Ball one is literally just the Halloween Broom Stick Mythic.

  22. We live in era where new content is recycled

  23. Does anyone know what happens if you don’t make it to 100 and you have the season pass? Do you just get the rewards anyway or are you fucked?

  24. You are just fucked. That's the point of this post.

  25. Because it's crazy how easy is to surround people cause they can have height advantage over you from like every angle.

  26. W but Doom 64 looks like chinese clone of OG Doom lol

  27. Isn't there some kind of carbon black skin already

  28. No. Closest there is is one that was released for the K30 exclusively.

  29. I swear I have some dark skin for AK24

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