1. Please, let this be a joke. If this goes to market, I am sure asshats will be riding them around the sidewalks in NYC before the spring.

  2. I would guess 80 to 90% of the used Herman Miller Aeron share market are size b.

  3. Thanks. If the refurbished ones are going for close to $1000 I may just grab one from HM new during their blackfriday sale. Can get a black on black for $1300ish.

  4. Yeah for something to be worth it pre-owned, I tend to think you should be saving 50%, but at least a third.

  5. I think of all the actors unlikely to appear in a reboot, Rob Lowe would probably be the top of the list.

  6. I wonder how Bartlet's MS would have progressed if they ever did a reboot? Would make for a pretty dark storyline, even if MS isn't fatal.

  7. I don't think he's going to be paragliding behind a speedboat like Obama did on his first day as a civilian.

  8. I don't agree. I found one that fit both there criteria and lasted for a long time. There isn't one right answer.

  9. Yes. Having worked retail for many years through high school/college - this is super common.

  10. Yeah for sure it's common. Just saying it's a bad look in a world where there's no secrets anymore.

  11. Give the nice people a few bucks off. How expensive was buying Knoll? I am sure you can afford a little better than this.

  12. is there any way for me to get a decent chair for $200 without finding some fool on craigslist etc?

  13. Yep. If you get a steelcase chair, and it is in good condition when you get it, I think it's a low probability you will use the warranty. Good chairs last and last with few issues.

  14. I don't think there's any other way after you've soaked the chair with vinegar and Dawn.

  15. Fair call and we're definately relatively new as a brand compared to the legacy brands that are spoken of here. We've been around the industry for some time though as we're all ex-steelcase. Hope to change that awareness though with time!

  16. I would start with the mega chair thread at the top of the sub. People are also going to be updating Black Friday deals on the deals thread.

  17. Sellers and manufacturers only make a warranty promises to their own original customers.

  18. Do you know somebody who reviewed these chairs? I can only find the seller listings but no reviews.

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