1. Steinbrenner buys into Kramer’s “spiritual guidance” after the team goes on a small winning streak upon his hiring. Kramer gets carte blanche in making changes, usually ones at George’s insistence (a raise for the assistant to the traveling secretary, for example). But as time goes on, Kramer’s ideas get wilder and wilder as he “feels his spiritual aura around the team weakening.”

  2. I heard John Wayne wanted to physically assault her after her speech apparently

  3. He wasn’t in spaghetti westerns but I get your point lol

  4. Flacco has had such a strange career arc. I can't really think of another QB off the top of my head that was a Superbowl champ and then kinda just faded into being a backup later in his years

  5. Roger Goodell needs to resign as commissioner so that Art Briles can take over and he can lower the play clock down to 20 seconds to remove boring huddles from the NFL and encourage the use of entertaining hurry up football only.

  6. I agree. The problem is when people say taunting is bs and then try to defend the entire defense running to the opposite end zone to celebrate a turnover and pose in the camera. That is more egregious than taunting.

  7. I would much rather that be penalized than what usually gets penalized for “taunting”

  8. I'm gonna be real honest here. I consider myself neutral on "gay rights", I think everyone should have equal rights, be able to marry who they want, all that I'm all for it. I'm not going to join a rally but I'm 100% NOT against it.

  9. He’s a Kupp half empty kind of guy

  10. Fun fact: during his first ever NFL regular season touchdown, the announcer said “It’s half full!”

  11. We will be the first team in the Super Bowl Era to win three league championships in a row due to RAMIFEST DESTINY! No elbow injury can stop our divine rite!

  12. You guys forgot the brilliant submission this was from. This isn’t a bot/scam

  13. It's the same person who made that post. It was made with the intention of selling tshirts.

  14. It’s awful. Looks like dirty underwear. It has plastic numbers. It has the horrible logo on it. Looks drab on the tv and in person. And finally it does not look good with the bright colored helmet they now wear.

  15. Calling it downright awful is a bit overboard IMO. It…it’s a look, put it that way. It doesn’t fail in every way, but I definitely don’t need to see it more than a couple times a year

  16. That’s true. I’ll be okay with it as an alternate (though I really want to see a sol alternate). Plus I wanted to use that quote lol

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