1. The full 25 minute version of “The Diamond Sea.” Utter perfection. The whole thing.

  2. Hey there. Here’s the record I put out last year:

  3. This is impossible. … but I might have to go with Super Metroid. I go back to it more often, but I’m way overdue for another Link to the Past playthrough.

  4. Hei OP. Out of curiosity, why are you asking this?

  5. I’m trying to hone on in the listening habits of the ambient enthusiasts in this sub. I’d like to continue pursuing ambient music, and getting an understanding of a subset of fans of the genre might help me make certain decisions when working on my next project.

  6. Thank you! I gotta say I was a little surprised by some of the initial comments here misunderstanding my purpose or questioning my enjoyment of ambient music.

  7. Hi friends, I'm sharing my ambient guitar album

  8. I was gonna say "We Hate You." That riff always gets me.

  9. Before Last.fm got bought by CBS and started making changes, it was a fantastic way to meet people with similar taste. It was a real social network. After they got bought and started making changes… it started slipping downhill fast. Nobody uses the concert attendance feature anymore. But more important… groups were removed, and groups is where all the action was. (If you remember the group “indie sex,” that was basically the main one. So many people in there were really obnoxious, but it wasn’t even 2010 yet and most millennials were still finishing college lol.)

  10. Ghost runners and ads are the worst offenders of the new rules. Nobody earns a ghost runner, and the ads are dumb.

  11. They need to dump the ghost runner rule. It’s awful.

  12. Replaying it like 20 years later, yeah I had the same feeling. Tbh I was surprised that the voice acting overall in the game wasn’t as bad as I remembered. It’s not amazing, but considering it hadn’t been done before in FF, they did a pretty solid job. It can be pretty corny, but FF can definitely be corny sometimes hahaha. I love it anyway.

  13. Brian Eno’s Thursday Afternoon is very sleepy and relaxing. I conked out listening to it on a flight recently. I usually listen to Music For Airports when I fly, but Thursday Afternoon really worked for me recently.

  14. Valefor is a nice little buddy. Might not be "the best" Aeon obvi, but I like bringing the little buddy out to keep him involved.

  15. Hi folks. I'm giving away my ambient guitar album _Paint the Stars Tonight_ to this subreddit. Go to

  16. The HAM radios are in the games for a reason. I wish they had more use.

  17. Time to start a new character with a different story, if you ask me.

  18. I think ultimately it’s between Tidus and Kimarhi. If Tidus never comes to Spira, I think her strongest bond is absolutely with Kimarhi, as he has essentially been her guardian since she was a child. After the famous Macalania lake scene though, it’s very clear that Yuna and Tidus have established a strong romantic bond, though still quite new by the time they reach Zanarkand in comparison to her lifelong bond with Kimarhi.

  19. I hadn’t thought about this before, but I don’t know that I could handle an ending with Kimarhi becoming Final Aeon and having to kill Yuna, etc. Too tragic! Too sad! The gods would have wept! I would too!

  20. It took me like… a year of not playing it to give VI another chance. Yes, I agree that the designs are lame and I also hate the cartoonish stuff. After getting over some of that and playing more, I think they also went a little too far in adding new mechanics to the game (districts, the revamped World Congress, the in-game tourism rankings are confusing). The new Great Works mechanic is a pain in the ass, too. I always end up with way more Great People hanging around than I’d like to because they can’t place their work in a building. I guess maybe that’s supposed to help incentivize building more cities? Which brings me to…

  21. I know Bethesda gets a lot of shit for having so many glitches in their games (rightfully so) but sometimes these mistakes produce delightful, blissfully moronic results like this.

  22. Also, not every pitcher is 1968 BOB GIBSON lol

  23. I’m enjoying this thread reading a lot of different perspectives on strategy, arms, and velocity, etc. But let’s also give a shoutout to Gibson’s freaking electric campaign in 1968. He was in the middle of one of the best pitching runs the game’s ever seen, for like six straight seasons. But his ‘68 season is the stuff pitchers dream about. Unreal.

  24. Granted he once threw 235 pitches, and still got a no decision because he got replaced after 12 innings

  25. That is the most Nolan Ryan thing I’ve ever heard.

  26. Final Fantasy has always been great at portraying trauma, on personal, interpersonal, and communal levels. Replaying X years later, I also thought the Sending at Kilika was pretty moving. Even with the game’s American voice acting leaving something to be desired.

  27. It’s one of the greatest games ever made, and not enough people include it in that conversation.

  28. The ‘86 Celtics were the same way, no?

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