1. Totally. For me the biggest difference outside the bezels is that the panel is actually flush with the glass, makes the old Thunderbolt displays feel a lot older imo.

  2. Are you on the most up to date version of macOS? I was under the impression Apple fixed this bug, since it's

  3. It literally has to be the system since per the docs, the system is vended control over when to show these once requested, and this system works perfectly on iOS. 😛

  4. You have Ultra activated in the app currently (it says so at the bottom of Settings) and you got this?

  5. I think he means the non basic stuff that I can only see on my computer.

  6. Could you or OP elaborate on what those non basic stuff are that you'd like to see?

  7. The stuff like their bio that you see in new Reddit only. It’d be handy so I don’t need to be on my computer to see their OF links.

  8. Which posts are being censored? I don't see anything in the mod logs.

  9. Yes, I said if there's multiple posts on the front page per day about the same thing, we'll coalesce it into a single thread. I wouldn't say allowing discussion about it but trying to keep it to a single thread is censoring, but regardless, even in the mod logs, I don't see any recent occurrences of this because no one's really posting about it.

  10. Every time this is posted and clearing the cache fixes it I am perplexed as to how that could fix it. Gah.

  11. Your issue I assume is that it's lower resolution than desired? I'll look into this, if you want the inside baseball, from what I remember iOS share sheets require you have the content you want to share available at the time the share sheet is presented.

  12. In Settings > General do you have it set to hide posts temporarily?

  13. Yeah agreed. This has been a somewhat complicated feature to add, but one I hope to implement via iCloud. Long story short, the Reddit API has a "favorites" API that is tied to your account, but it's quite limited. One decent sized limitation is that that obviously won't work if you're signed out, and Apollo has quite a few lurkers without accounts who favorite things.

  14. Dangit, completely missed this thread. I actually had a call with the Reddit developer team (the team that works on Reddit's developer APIs) a few days ago, and they were super, super nice. Without getting into specifics, overall they gave me a very positive feeling that they appreciate developers and have no plans to do the API any harm, in fact they have terrific plans to do great things with it.

  15. This is super comforting to hear! Definitely locked in on Apollo I’d hate to have to go back to regular reddit lol. I listened to a podcast that actually spoke on Apollo for a brief moment which made me make this post. So good to hear the positive feedback from reddit.

  16. I can't 100% remember the reason I did it this way, but I remember it being a very purposeful one after multireddits weren't working so well. If I remember correctly it was something about getting your multireddits to dynamically update and show up in the list there was proving very difficult when widgets first came to iOS, it might be better now, and it also gave you a little flexibility in defining them independently of what you have in the app (that being said it can also be a bit more work).

  17. Sorry to hear about your friend getting hit by a bus, hope she recovers

  18. Why switch to Ivory instead of just staying on Ice Cubes? I've tried ivory, but actually prefer Ice Cubes a lot over ivory

  19. That's totally cool, Ice Cubes is an awesome app, having options it terrific. For me, something that I use the crap out of like Mastodon/Twitter, paying a bit (even monthly) versus free isn't really a big factor given how much I use it. How much I like it is the bigger factor (otherwise we'd all be using Linux).

  20. Makes sense. I think some app devs get in a rut of trying to please everyone with specific designs and whatnot, but the reality is that people just have different tastes, and there's always going to be people seeking something different than what you're doing, and that's the beauty of having some options for apps. I always think back to that

  21. I’ve tried “Hey Siri remind me about this” in various apps and situations in the last years since it was first introduced. It somehow never worked. Maybe it doesn’t work when Siri is set to German?

  22. The developer of the app has to integrate it so that Siri "knows what it's looking at" if that makes sense. I don't think German would be a limiting factor.

  23. From what I remember the Reddit web inserts those occasionally when you toggle back and forth from their Markdown version. I have no idea why. I'll update a server side thing so they're stripped out client side, one sec.

  24. Thanks for bringing it to my attention ^_^

  25. Y'all have much better multitasking abilities than my brain does. Looking into this one!

  26. Upgraded to Ultra day one so I didn't even realize this was a thing. But I am curious, any plans to release a legit iPad version? Or has that been cancelled?

  27. Absolutely not cancelled. To be honest, it's tricky being a one man shop. Things crop up all the time that demand quite a bit of attention (for reference, there's about 13x more iPhone users than iPad users of Apollo, and there's a bit of a chicken and egg problem there for sure, but it's important to keep in mind generally), so things that can affect every single user on the iPhone generally get prioritized in terms of impact, and when I'm doing that the iPad app is literally just on the back burner during it unfortunately. But I've been plugging away at it solidly, and it'll see release hopefully sooner than later.

  28. Gotcha. Thanks for the info! Understandable to let user metrics to guide your dev time.

  29. Yeah, even if I ignore my own statistics (13:1) and look at Apple's sales data, iPhones outsell iPads at a rate of approximately 5:1, so it's still a significant discrepancy. Not at all worth ignoring obviously, but notable.

  30. Can you PM me what the email address was? I'll happily look into it.

  31. I'll copy paste my answer from another Reddit thread:

  32. Because I grandfathered everyone into the former monthly price of $0.99. It's now $1.49 or $12.99 yearly. If you move your plan to yearly you'll give up the grandfathered price and move to the new yearly price.

  33. Shuffle button would jump to a random saved post, or shuffle all the results? The other search parameters make sense, I'll look into that. Right now the search system I built has some opportunities to be made a bit better and is one of the areas I've wanted to fix for awhile (speed is one thing, it has a bit of an initialization penalty that I'd like to get rid of since the post objects are a bit heavy).

  34. The API says those are awards the comment has been given, but oddly the awards are labeled as "reactions" so it's probably something strange Reddit is testing.

  35. Aren't we actually getting a new season of Daredevil?

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