1. I'm still 8 shipments short from black panther. Sadly the only mission i have left that gives units is the one for defeating "beating the odds" can't beat it. Not enough people play to get enough randoms

  2. I’m hoping for any skin related to Jane, but reality will probably just be another shipment skin that’s already been given in the past.

  3. Never thought about that! I’ve used that spot many times to farm a quick number of enemies, but never thought to continuously reset the mission.

  4. Whilst fighting with black panther always hold down the RT or R2 button on console as to always build up the meter.

  5. See, I had thought to hold down R2 to use several “instinct attacks” within a group and would end up hitting 5 here and there, which never worked. You’re saying to hold it down to build it, but that spends my instinct meter on Panther. Are my Skills set up wrong?

  6. On black panther the meter builds up by having him be able to shield his incoming attacks. Holding it down while in battle builds it up naturally as enemies hit you. Once it’s filled up use your intrinsic attack on your enemies (such as double tapping R2).

  7. For you it will be 140, but the highest is 165 and that can only be obtained by doing the weekly elite raid, only accessible once you’ve reached level 160.

  8. Slot 1: Rampant assistance gear piece for instant heroic recharge

  9. when will the skins come into thegamd? the black window skin is perfect.

  10. Hey, I have this exotic piece that I got from doing the vault elite mission, and yes it’s great.

  11. Do you know when? I thought it started on the 19th.

  12. Was this your second OLT run of the week? You only get the "superior" rewards from the OLT mission chain, which resets on Thursdays. So, it's once per week per hero for gear with higher power levels up to power level 160.

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