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  1. Just to confirm/clarify: the computer end of the connection is USB-C/Thunderbolt? Or dongle required?

  2. Standard usb A. That is why I mentioned that a hub or otg adapter to be used when connecting to the mac. The technology predates usb c and the modern thunderbolt ports. It's just basic old usb stuff.

  3. If you like. I already had the drive and enclosure so....

  4. Were they all ordered using the same account at the same time?

  5. This has been standard for years. It is not at all infuriating to me.

  6. If it were green and singing a song.... it still wouldn't look anything like kermit.

  7. Because the store don't do anything about people parking like this. Just like they do nothing about the healthy young single people parking in the disabled spaces or the parent & child spaces.

  8. The "healthy/child less" thing has started to piss me off so much that I've started intently staring and checking where the badges/child seats should be.

  9. Work men's vans are some of the worst for it. There is no way there is a child or handicapped person in the giant thing but still they park there so they don't have ad far to carry the case of beer they are buying.

  10. When he finally gets in for a swim he looks so happy.

  11. She has a dent on her forehead. I can't get past that.

  12. I take it you don't have security? Can he be detained and the police called? Is there a camera blind spot where you can 'take care of him'?

  13. No we don't. He known to carry knives so we don't approach him. I really wish we could though.

  14. Could you perhaps call the police anonymously and say you spotted a suspicious guy going into a shop carrying what looked like a knife?

  15. What's with the chicken having rib meat? Is that a normal thing? Sounds wrong.

  16. Are they pied kingfisher? I've only ever seen a blue one in the wild one time. Didn't realise they hung out together in groups 😀

  17. So you want her to pour some sugar on you like the old def leppard song? Is she hot?

  18. As someone who lives in England, I see this drink sold in cheap/discount stores all the time for around £1. I've also seen it in other stores for as much as £3.80. Nobody cares about how much it costs in England, why is it such a thing in America that it must be a certain price? Don't get me wrong, I like to pay a lesser price for a product if I can just don't understand why there is so much controversy about this specific drink being sold at a certain price. Also, does that price include tax?

  19. microwave? just put it in a cooking pan and done

  20. You cook pizza in a pan on the stove? WEIRDO ALERT ⚠️

  21. You'd be okay with a 2 year old using the microwave to cook for themselves? Seems fine to me, what's the worst that could happen...

  22. You would not be covered under any uk law for any product which is out of warranty.

  23. Teachers don't walk that much through the day, nor do most nurses really.

  24. I had this same issue the other day on my 2015 12 inch mac, I had installed monterey a few days earlier, which is not actually supported on this model mac, I did what it said and did a reinstall and it seems fine now. It seemed fine before to be honest but a reinstall only too about half an hour and I didn't lose anything. So no big deal.

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