1. Isn't the worst reach. I've seen a Kirk Cousins Stan take him in the 3rd round before to pair with JJ. Made no sense to reach so high.

  2. But think about it. ADP has Kirk in the 8th round, but you really want him so you plan to take him in the 7th, maybe be extra aggressive in the 6th even. But your leaguemates know that right? What if just one of them also like Kirk a lot, and he anticipates your 6th rounder, so they plan to go 5th? Means you gotta grab him in the 4th to be sure, maybe even the 3rd to be extra certain. Gotta get your guy!

  3. Rb is a huge risk. Not sure what ravens might look lime sans lamar and I'm not sure if Dobbins ever ends up as the bell cow. Couple that with a likely slow start for breece post acl and a push may be over before it starts.

  4. Also has 1.01 (Bijan) and at least one other rookie rb

  5. Sure, no rookie is a lock for year 1 production, even Bijan. And certainly not until post draft.

  6. Sure. I wasn’t saying this is a crazy good roster that’s a lock for the finals, but looks more than good enough to anticipate playoffs at least. Maybe “seriously compete” implies different things to different people I guess

  7. I've seen better mock drafts done by fans. This dude got paid to make this?

  8. I can only agree that you should be able to give a Large Medical Pack to Saw with this action, since it says "figure" and not "ally." Hadn't noticed that in digital but if it doesn't work then I agree it's a skewed implementation.

  9. Can you imaaaagine? If you see him in the street, Walking by her side, talking by her side, have pity

  10. Chris Godwin's going through the unimaaaginable

  11. I was at a Chinese restaurant once that put hot metal eggs in our shared big bowl of soup to reheat it.

  12. Exactly, just have to put hot metal eggs in whatever food you want to keep nice and hot while you eat it. Soup, hamburger, steak, pasta, etc. What could go wrong?

  13. I didn't like this tier break and I had 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.8, and 1.11. I flipped 1.5 and 1.8 for 1.1. part of me regrets it with the depth. My dilemma is WR or RB (if right draft capital).

  14. 1.05 and 1.08 for 1.01 is very good for you, imo. regardless of format

  15. I'm shooting for a 2029 championship window. Scouting pee wee football.

  16. Hate to break it to you but if you're peewee scouting to pay off then your window is more like 2037

  17. But my thumb is nailed to the side of the house and I’m on a ladder. So I just stay here until they can bring the house to the hospital with me?

  18. That’s ridiculous. Obviously they’d bring the hospital to you in this case.

  19. My preference would be to let whoever can actually handle playing two characters be the one to do it. Some people get paralyzed trying to decide what to do with just one character!

  20. I see no way to post pics here...maybe it's not allowed?

  21. In the future you can upload to Imgur.com then post that link

  22. I was offered Kenneth walker II for Jameson and 1.07 I have etienne and the 1.01 (Bijan) also have 1.02 (prolly going JSN)

  23. You were offered Kenneth Walker II? He's gotta be almost 50! Is he even a RB?

  24. Your point is fine but bad example! Italics or caps or bold make this one very clear

  25. Maybe cool for the novelty for a redraft league, but I would only want a slow draft for dynasty start up

  26. I'm European so possibly not an American term. Means a sure thing. Usually in betting terminology, "Aaron Rodgers to Jets looks a banker"

  27. Thanks! Not something I've ever heard in the US. I'd say "7 locked-in / surefire / no-doubt 1st rounders"

  28. An obstacle can be placed on a door tile as long as it doesn't block off a portion of the map. Some maps have "loops" and blocking one door doesn't restrict a whole part of the map

  29. My very pregnant wife and I are marathoning Frosthaven right now. Our baby is due on April 30th and we've completed 42 scenarios since we started in January. I quit my job a while ago to be a stay at home dad, then soon after my wife got laid off from Google. Suffice it to say, we have some free time. We've replayed a handful of scenarios that were due to losses- If we know we're in a bad way early on, we start over. If we lose at the very end because of one bad card flip we mulligan and keep going. I know there might be time to play even after the baby's born but the 6”x3" table that holds ALL OF FROSTHAVEN is currently in the nursery.

  30. First of all I applaud the pre-baby marathon. Get it done!

  31. Your comment might be tongue in cheek, but just in case, that’s not Seattle’s pick. It’s from the Broncos and no they weren’t at all a good team last year

  32. I think it probably shows a sort of self-absorption or a lack of general awareness in cases where the acroynm has taken off a little but is not widely accepted. For example, it took me quite a while to figure out what YMMV meant the first time I saw it, but the author assumed people would know.

  33. afaik, iirc, imho, rofl, lmao, NATO, FIFA, WALL-E, asap, bogo, yolo, fomo, ttyl, NASA, POTUS, SWAT, PEMDAS, radar, sonar, ADHD

  34. Maybe they get overused, but internet writing has been acronymizing stuff since its beginning. It's just faster to type five letters than five words. To me it isn't much different than simply coming across a new word -- try to figure it out from context, which is often doable, and if you can't and still need to know then google it. Nbd (another good one!)

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