She a sinner queen

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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  1. Try 5000 and maybe someone will read a post you made complaint about rideshare

  2. It’s okay to post if it’s a downer. Recovery has some rough moments that trigger relapses. This is the place to vent them. I haven’t had the anxiety, but, I learned from here, it’s fairly common.

  3. This just made me sick to my stomach. That’s a child

  4. If OP knows its pee there is probably a reason for it - kind of like "who ever smelled it, dealt it"

  5. You can definitely smell it in the 100 degree elevator lol

  6. It looks like a cigarette and therefore cigarette water. Also stinks after awhile.

  7. I’m 33 and I’m finally completely stable

  8. Dude she’s a kid people need to stop putting her on a podium

  9. I just had a seizure tying to figure this out

  10. I have no problem with Islamic schools. Freedom of religion

  11. The only thing trashy are the people with signs

  12. Hahaha. She’s hot-ish now but was way hotter before surgery and now she just thinks she’s the hottest ever and it kinda turns me off when a chick thinks she’s too hot lol but she is still hot

  13. How conceded do you have to be to have pictures of yourself in by our own home

  14. I truly need to come up with a scam like this or something more inventive. MAGGOTS are buy into anything

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