1. Frozen water takes up more space so… when it melts it will be more dense which is how you know the water rising is bullshit fear mongering.

  2. Much of that ice is testing on land. Once it melts, it flows to the oceans, thus causing sea levels to rise.

  3. Yes, they know that no matter how bad it gets, they can always buy their way out of it.

  4. Way more flavor! I love speediest, but Chiavetta's wins by a mile.

  5. I found it pretty dull. Tom Hardy (who I'm not esp keen on) talking about concrete for an hour and a half. I think it probably helps if you're a Hardy fan.

  6. Tbf, there's a decent amount of talking about family obligations, too.

  7. I've heard that among other things, the shoe standing in edge is a reference to 2091 A Space Odyssey. When the monolith appears, the proto-humans or "ape men" go mad and the first murder occurs...much like what happens with Gordy.

  8. Only the varieties that produce opium are controlled. Most of them are garden varieties though

  9. All annual poppies produce opium, regardless of the variety. Perennial varieties are non-opium producing.

  10. MAD was a humor magazine. I don't think they'd do a cover like that after the incident.

  11. …that is precisely what happened. Republicans have even said they support the bill outside of the extra nonsense. It’s the oldest political trick, make a bipartisan bill, sneak extra crap in there, fake outrage that the other side is opposed to whatever the original bill was.

  12. What was added that the Rs objected to? I can't seem to find that info anywhere 😕

  13. Basically 400 billion dollars of spending for non-Veteran related stuff in a bill that was otherwise about Veteran health benefits and funding

  14. That's what everyone is saying, but no one will give any details. What, specifically, was added? This is really bothering me, because I can't find the information anywhere.

  15. Hate to break it to you but it was. There were TONS of conservatives celebrating it. I remember seeing the louder with crowder show right after it happened and they literally had a skeleton in a chair with a reference to rgb on it. It was so tasteless I went from watching multiple shows a week to unsubbing just because I don't want to support that kind of behavior. Even enemies can have respect.

  16. Imagine getting downvoted for speaking the truth in a sub that supposedly hate lies 😂

  17. This might be a dumb thought…but what about the shoe?! And if Jean Jacket was hiding in the cloud, what made it stagnant?

  18. Don't know about the shoe, other than "bad miracle" and a possible reference to the monolith in 2001. But JJ wasn't hiding in a cloud, it generated the cloud itself.

  19. NOPE is a horror film, and that scene is no doubt the most horrific.

  20. To be fair, it's not just Dems who hate Ted Cruz.

  21. In the lower right side of that page, it says that it is not listed as invasive by any state.

  22. It doesn’t have to make a state’s formal list to be considered invasive. For example, the widely recognized invasive Bradford (Callery) pear is not on the vast majority of invasive lists.

  23. Then who determines whether a plant's invasive, and how do they decide?

  24. There's enough bullshit out there without having to make more up, you know?

  25. NTA. Too many folks here are way too uptight about a little bawdy fun.

  26. No way, misogyny from those claiming to protect women from bawdy jokes

  27. Tell me what the Republicans are offering the black community?

  28. Yes, plenty of sources both online and in stores that sell flower seeds.

  29. How are these different than the orange poppies that I have all over my property?

  30. Those are probably Eschscholzia californica, a different genus than the opium-producing Papaver varieties.

  31. Try thousand island dressing with blue cheese crumbled on top. AMAZING

  32. If I don't believe that God exists. Why should I believe in the promised kingdom?

  33. In a somewhat similar vein to Knives Out, Ready or Not is a wild ride (there are some gore elements, but it's through a dryly humorous lens)

  34. I love Knives Out, but Ready or Not is just a whole nother level. Such a wild and funny ride! The occasional bits of gore actually enhance the overall film.

  35. Maybe the first year of above-average temps all summer isn't as concerning as the 6th year in a row.

  36. I don't know if it's the "Best" show I've seen in a long time. But it is certainly up there. It's in the area where it's not a matter of quality, but personal preference. Here's hoping we don't get a "Lost" kind of ending.

  37. The creators specifically said that they're not going to go the way of LOST, so let's keep our fingers crossed!

  38. That sounds straight out of a Terry Pratchett book.

  39. I'm passionately against Christianity and even I use bless you. People always giggle at gusundheit for some reason.

  40. Lots of people think "gesundheit" means "God bless you". Not sure why... I try to correct that as often as I can. Let's make acknowledging a sneeze as secular as possible!

  41. Waking Ned Devine will have you planning a trip to Ireland, and hearing The Parting Glass in your mind for weeks afterwards.

  42. And then stay in Ireland for The Secret of Roan Inish. Great scenery of the Iris coast, and the soundtrack is wonderful, as well!

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