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  1. Most idiots are only thought how to pass the test, not how to drive properly day to day.

  2. A problem in my opinion is not being taught how to use motorways when learning. I had to get my folks to show me when I passed because in my mind it was the big bad world considering learners couldn't drive on it.

  3. People love to drive up the hole of the car in front of them and others don't know how to change lanes safely.

  4. Yep, the other day I was tailgated by a fecking lorry despite being in neither passing lane. It's bad enough doing it in a car but a fecking lorry which has a much longer stopping time as well as being a lot more destructive in a crash.

  5. I love how Max is always just straight to the point honest.

  6. The man's way of training for F1 as a kid was to study Kimi's interviews and to just drive fast.

  7. Fair play OP. Therapy can be great, although it may not be a fix all, it goes a long way in helping you.

  8. Both drivers' fanbases a dumb af. Ham's fans are cringy fashionistas, while Ver's fans are dumb rednecks.

  9. It's similar to how I view the extreme sides of US politics from an outside perspective.

  10. That looks like Mick Wallace and Joe Exotic's love child done up like Dog the Bounty Hunter.

  11. “makes leaving easier” but makes parking harder so what’s the point

  12. This makes me think of a past relationship compared to my current one.

  13. They're beautiful pictures, what did your dad have to say? I hope he told them to pound sand.

  14. He put the dress on himself and posed Infront of the same church.

  15. If Micheal Martin is involved in drugs and prostitution he puts Gustavo Fring's cover to shame.

  16. Had a horrific experience with cider when I was 17 and got sick anytime I drank Jager, those two just don't agree with me...

  17. Why do people keep making memes like this , what is the group you're talking about, who tf defends the Iranian government ':D

  18. The only people I can imagine defending this are religious fundamentalists. The whole SJW thing has pretty much died off back in 2016. People are just acting like Abe Simpson yelling at a cloud now about this.

  19. I read this while earlier I walk past a middle aged bloke telling a worker to "fuck off back to your own county" and a gang of lads throwing rubbish from a bin around destroying the place....

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