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  1. Yep!! 14 hours to Pueblo (where we are staying) then about 2 1/2 up the mountain and 1 down!

  2. Are they letting people drive to the top now? Last time we went they had us park at the lower lots and take a bus to the top due to all the construction going on up there.

  3. Sure can! They are still working on some of the summit lots but it’s open!

  4. Hello fellow silver fusion bro lolol, glad she’s back!!

  5. I like ur fog lights are those aftermarket?

  6. They are not! Appearance package on the 2019 SE!

  7. Damn I need a pair I got the se 2020 hybrid and these would go nice hard to find a part out

  8. I know right and the fact they have like 4 different fog lamp styles

  9. Lots of people having this issue with heat exposure. Get a windshield reflector!

  10. Love the silver!! Welcome home

  11. I figured this out on my '19 SE. Type code and swipe down from the top!

  12. Definitely look into a BOV adapter. Everyone loves a good TSSSSS after accel

  13. I start races in the farthest 3rd person view. As the race settles in I switch to the 1st person view. I can feel the race line better this way.

  14. Thanks man! Huge moment for me haha

  15. Edit: WOW!! GOLD?!?! I love this community and I love this game just as much. Thank you FromSoft and everyone in this community!!

  16. Love my blow off, I also have a steada cold air intake and it sounds pretty good

  17. Steeda BOV adapter in the video

  18. I know Silver Ingot Metallic when I see it, looks good!

  19. My 2.0t at 150k runs crazy good. Like if I’m being honest I thought it would blow up by now but I just keep driving harder and harder… I do snow drifting and doughnuts all the time, and race my friends focus st (I win too). I always thought fusions were nice and kinda cool but never thought I’d fall in love…lol. The dream would be a lincoln with the 3.0tt and a 1.6 manual fusion for the best of both worlds.

  20. Exactly what I’m talking about!! I swear people forget the Ford GT has an EcoBoost motor! Those EcoBoost love to be driven hard

  21. This! I rarely drive in D because S is more responsive.

  22. I run Michelin Pilot Sport 4S and they are fantastic.

  23. They are a bit of a pricier tire but well worth it for performance and grip!

  24. Nice!! I drive the US version (Fusion)! Turbo'd?

  25. Just pre-ordered the Midnight Black cover to match the DualSense :D

  26. I actually like to play video games and finish them before I decide to speak on the state of the entire industry that way I actually know what I’m talking about since I actually played games that came out this year.

  27. So you like to throw money away? Nice. I like to save money and not buy shit games.

  28. Then there are those of us who wait for the kinks to be worked through updates and then decide if we want to buy a game. And then play it ourselves and decide for ourselves if we enjoyed the experience.

  29. Then there are some of us that like to get an opinion first before buying, whether the “kinks” are worked out or not. Games should be ready to play on release date. That’s the problem we’ve become so accustomed to waiting for a “patch” or a “bug fix”. Why is that okay? Why can’t games be ready on release? Just something to think about.

  30. I was NOT prepared for the absolute UNIT of a fluff. Oh and nice slippers

  31. Used the app and was finally able to purchase one! Put me in a queue for 7 minutes, that 7 minutes went by and I was able to add to cart and checkout. With the new Call of Duty at $40 too! Great shopping experience!

  32. Same man! Feels awesome to get one at retail price. FUCK SCALPERS!!!

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