What did the pandemic ruin more than we realise?

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  1. We went from latvian laser to latvian legend 😂😂😂😂

  2. How many points is Kp away from career high?

  3. The only parts of London you find that look like this are in Kensington, Chelsea, Central London e.g. where you need to have vast wealth to afford to either buy or rent. It's not that they're expensive for London; they're amongst the most expensive areas in all of the UK.

  4. Build a wall and Belarus will pay for it

  5. White castle too. The days of getting a sack of murder burgers or tacos at 2 or 3 in the morning are over...very sad. Even the bars are closing at 12 midnight

  6. Same here in Latvia what could be reason for that?

  7. I do not like watching Kyle Lowry play basketball

  8. Sunny days wouldn't be special, if it wasn't for rain

  9. Without British intelligence, I doubt the huge support we gave Russia would have amounted to much. People really don't know just how import it was, but it turned the tide of battle and allowed the Russians to finally make intelligent decisions in defense. Plus the British also sent a lot of stuff over. Not as much as we did. But they really helped.

  10. Yeah but as well the fact it was germany pretty much against whole world and they were close to beat russia but now its all world protecting ukraine its a big difference

  11. The crowd at the Sixers-nets game last year was way louder even though Simmons didn’t even play that game lol

  12. Porzingis return to new york was like x10 times louder than this lol troughout the game all you could hear was kp sucks lol this wasnt bad at all

  13. The only teams that should be trading for Kyrie are teams that are absolutely certain that he is the missing piece for a championship run. Although a PG is a weak spot of ours, we need to improve in a few more positions before getting contender status

  14. How many games kyrie has played in past 3 years? Lol

  15. How tf is the unicorn outlasting everybody

  16. To be fair its how you put things. In Dallas he was never allowed to play back to back games. Even with that if you compare him with other stars he played around same games like them.

  17. Vecrīgā knapi dzirdēju, ja kas sāktos man liekas vairums neko nedzirdētu

  18. You can go to America and make a video just like this, plenty of places in the center that look like this. Actually you'd even be able to improve the title and say "$2 trillion"

  19. Lol open google maps and just check russian towns villages on street view they all shit lol

  20. If you’re wondering what this means, no NATO country can trade with Russia and it opens the door for more sanctions.

  21. Wpuld that include no medical and food sales to russia as well?

  22. Sacepi vai savāri lielākos daudzumos. Salieci visu porcijās un iesaldē. Kad vajag atsildi tā tev sanāks lētāk

  23. Its funny each technical foul costs 2.000 dollars 😀

  24. He was never a bad player just he didnt fit with Luka

  25. Im expecting huge retaliation by Ukraine last time they brought down Kerch bridge lets see what happens this time

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