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  1. It is called encryption, if you can access a custom recovery you can just flash Multidisabler from

  2. I found that mostly Netgear offerings were best. Found myself a WAX202 x2 for 110€ and never looked back. It has OpenWRT but stock is very good too.

  3. cant unlock oem because im using a snapdragon based device in north America, thank you for trying.

  4. If you really want to root your device, then return your device ASAP. Genuine advice.

  5. It's not worse. The performance will be very similar since they both have the same chip and similar storage and ram combinations. The Poco f4 has a 2mp macro camera, compared to the f3 which has a 5mp macro camera. However, on the main camera, the f4 has optical image stabilization, which the f3 doesn't. Here is a comparison of the two :)

  6. OIS or not the sensor itself is worse if I am not mistaken. An IMX582 vs an OV64B.



  9. The article is 2 years older than the SoC his phone has. No I haven't tried the tools and most likely never will.

  10. I used a pre determined set of words found in an executable file with the ending of .cmd by a creator named Massgrave. Best way I've found so far.

  11. Considering the tournament earnings, Malaysian government benefits and sponsorships I would not doubt that his net worth is somewhere in the ballpark of that. Take it with a grain of salt of course.

  12. The Samsung galaxy a series doesn't have a boot loader

  13. All phones have a bootloader, how else would they boot in to Android and whatever.

  14. I know you click the setting to allow OEM unlocking but did you actually unlock your device and wipe it in the process?

  15. It's the default unlock command it's not pixel exclusive I've used it on my OnePlus phone but I'm not as knowledgeable about Huawei so that info is good to know

  16. Only came across fastboot flashing unlock on Pixels, usually fastboot oem unlock is used.

  17. Your Tracfone Samsung A03 has locked bootloader and AFAIK it can not be rooted.

  18. All phones nowadays come with a locked bootloader. Just that his phone might be unlock mode blocked which means he can't unlock it at all.

  19. Your best bet indeed is to get some older used OnePlus or Xiaomi, maybe even a Pixel.

  20. I didn't know about this and will probably start using it at work but why is it in this sub?

  21. Free advertisement. He has spammed this sub with these videos for some time.

  22. You are describing Bromite. Also just set Bitwarden as the autofill service and use it that way. I have no issues with Bitwarden.

  23. no way you're paying for windows 11 instead of getting 32 gb ram

  24. I don't think Signal users will magically hop to GMessages lol. I think some of them might convert to Molly which was a fork of Signal that will still have SMS support.

  25. This is one in a million bug. Congrats. Never found it myself, seems to be more common on MTK and SDM. That mode is usually quite uhm buggy and sorts, flashing fails and so on.

  26. Pretty sure Elon has posted alot of Reddit memes on his Twitter.

  27. Pain in the ass having to Google search "HEVC codec by device manufacturer" and opening the MS Store link and then installing it that way.

  28. I mean he expects companies to release userdebug ROMs to their users so they could enjoy root or whatever so understandable why he would say something that stupid (hint: userdebug ROMs can't be installed without an unlocked bootloader which was his main point, root without an unlocked bootloader).

  29. Oh, yeah, I've seen his emails to ZTE in boot-h asking for userdebug/test-keys builds.

  30. How would you expect to lock fastboot on a phone with an unlocked bootloader. Also relocking the bootloader is usually done with purposes of retaining the ability to use apps that have strong root detection and whatnot, but it definitely helps with security because with an unlocked bootloader a thief with basic computer skills can just make a device his own with ease.

  31. Most motherboard makers still call it XMP on AMD even though the official term is DOCP.

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