1. Not applicable is my point exactly. Prompts are not a treasured secret or a new theory, but they choose to treat it like that.

  2. I mean, going to MJ website and you get all the prompts you want from the generated images but oh hey, I’ll send u a DM 💀

  3. I know. Just amusing what the US defines as "old". We have real history! 😉 My town contains a 1,000 year old castle.

  4. Mate you can’t compare England and USA and be like:

  5. Check her insta, it’s genuinely painful to look at.

  6. you sure its updating? does it say updating or preparing?

  7. It says “updating Minecraft launcher” all the time 🥲

  8. It’s called engagement farming, it’s commonly used in Twitter typing dumb shit and people feel the urge to correct

  9. Pure poetry right there 😮‍💨

  10. Will amaze you to know that Christian’s back in the days were praying as Muslims too! A lot has changed since then.

  11. Will amaze you to know that Christian’s back in the days were praying as Muslims too! A lot has changed since then.

  12. I may have used a wrong title and I’m sorry, my “I don’t know what to say” was referring to the fact that even now there is this different point of view of different culture and people. Coming from east Europe myself I’ve seen it with my own eyes and still now do from my family and people that comes from my birth place and I know many of us from there can say the same. Isn’t about Ukrainians only, many have this perspective and doesn’t come only from Ukraine. My family has prejudice even over Moldavians and other neighbour countries because that how they’ve been thought since kids. Isn’t either propaganda as many can think, but this issue in Eastern Europe has been for ages, from the times of Soviet Union and soviet bloc to be more precise.

  13. Remember my family talking about Romanians badly because they don’t accept the fact that Moldavians are Romanians, same goes to different cultures too. This issues is deep down in the culture of Eastern Europeans countries and unfortunately many don’t see it or just ignore.

  14. I’ve lost the count on how many times I’ve heard people talking badly about Moldavians 💀 Remember when my mum was telling me stories on she was young going to Chișinău to sell goods back in the days and felt so uncomfortable on how people were treating her because she was from Romania, so much prejudice going on in eastern europe unfortunately, but it’s changing hopefully! That’s what matter :)

  15. One example that made me realise:

  16. Muslims shouldn’t behave this way, so don’t be afraid. Many would love to know the questions but would be hard to text them one by one in DM 🤣

  17. Und was die alles bieten! Sogar den allwissenden Obstkorb und Office Events für die Fruchtfliegen!

  18. Some translation pls? Seems interesting

  19. Bro got the whole recording studio in him

  20. Such an amazing idea, hope it will go viral and more will see it, good luck my friend! 💪🏻

  21. I am Muslim, and I still don’t understand and accept how people act towards him, his teachings aren’t right at all. Even in my community the teenagers are idolising him as a God or the new prophet. I know there is an issue with the younger now and the masculinity being a bit lost, but this doesn’t mean to be a douche bag to people or women’s and act like you’re high on some proteine powder 24/7 to show you’re “masculine” wtf.

  22. When I’ve reverted I’ve got through them and also the sub of ex Muslims, it made me question everything and then I’ve realised I shouldn’t pay attention to this at all. Stay safe brothers and sister 🤲🏻

  23. I had to do my passport but couldn’t because my identity card was lost and couldn’t make a new one, paid like £100 and got my passport the next day. Unfortunately corruption exists, but what he saying is nonsense.

  24. It’s okay I guarantee those kids will end up in jail or prison at some point and will most likely live terrible lives facing the consequences for their various bad decisions.

  25. Yeah, very true. Disrespectful little assholes have a higher risk of being stabbed.

  26. The parents be like “he was a very kind kid, couldn’t hurt a fly” ffs. It’s so sad, they live in this bubble of nonsense.

  27. Kevin Johnson is like nextdoor sending me emails even though I’ve opted out and deleted my account.

  28. I don’t understand why they make fake meat when isn’t even close to the taste/texture and stuff to the meat itself.

  29. I’ve got $91 for basically being here, ain’t much but I’m happy.

  30. Back in the days women’s fought for freedom, why the f are you half naked seeking attention?

  31. Who cares what people think, there always be someone or a group of people against what you do in life so f them.

  32. Imagine when the supply will be enough and everyone can buy it retail price and they will feel dumb about spending £10+ for a bottle💀

  33. For me was an olive tree stick, the strongest wood and painful and hands of course. To be honest I’m happy for it, in a way or another made me the person I am today, but I don’t agree with them what’s of educating a kid.

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