1. Sounds like it'll be taken down eventually then.

  2. I used to have the BOA Alaska Biz card and closed it in October 2021. Can I now open a new one to take advantage of the current 70K miles offer, or do I need to wait at least a year since I closed my previous card?

  3. No, you can even have one open and get a new one with the SUB.

  4. Rolling loud likes to switch up the headliners every year unless you're future, Travis Scott, or Migos for whatever reason.

  5. I mean to say that he'll be playing that set at other festivals in 2023.

  6. Kendrick did say "I will be back" at the end of Thursday's show in DC. Festivals just seem like an easy cash grab for 2023, similar to what he did a year after DAMN came out.

  7. And sexually assaulting his trans niece, and blaming her for it because she was "asking for it." Truly a huge piece of shit

  8. And holding Christopher Nolan in a chokehold.

  9. Try last minute on Stubhub or within the RHCP subreddit

  10. So question: has anyone ever actually gotten sick from doing this?

  11. This mainly happens if you have lots of different partners:

  12. Alright I think took the cake last night. I legit had to keep myself from crying during Father Time. What an experience.

  13. Wow! So many guys really hate condoms! I had a lot of sex with or without (claiming I'm qualified to have an opinion on this lol), and I have to say I don't mind condoms that much. Obviusly it's better without but if it means risking pregnancy or stds it's a pretty small price to pay. Sex is still great.

  14. Lots of dudes are likely using crap quality condoms too.

  15. Be discreet and it should be doable in a thick crowd from the floor

  16. Going to concerts alone is always better than not going

  17. Helps to be very familiar with the whole new album

  18. Grohl is a poser; ZDLR still keeps it 💯

  19. I once saw MGMT at a really horrible college show in upstate New York. Everybody wanted them to play Kids the whole night, crowd clearly didn't appreciate them. They finally go "ok this next one's about young people." Everyone goes WILD.

  20. Was this in 2010? I saw them play that year at my university and the crowd also kept chanting Kids over and over.

  21. Yeah I don't disagree with you there. I guess sometimes the hearsay in the community can be blurred by jealousy.

  22. Of all the sins of the soul, nobody will admit to envy.

  23. Something is up. They just removed the RTJ deck which is used for when they join RATM on stage, and the roadies are switching set lists and throwing out the old ones. Will definitely be a different set from last night, I wonder what the change will be.

  24. Folks that went last night- did y’all get out of the arena with enough time left to catch the metro before it stopped running? Want to avoid driving into the city if at all possible

  25. Yes the metro still ran after the show ended

  26. The lion doesn't concern himself with the opinions of the sheep.

  27. Still felt quite busy the second weekend. It had it's own share of bullshit, including closing off the route to the beach stages.

  28. True I was thinking more food and beverage queues

  29. Next year is gonna be rough since they cannot host it in the same place due to the recent ruling that affected Music Midtown

  30. Dit is toch die ene positieve meneer van TV?

  31. Hij zoekt bij Hitler idd het positieve.

  32. Yes DC night 1 had lightgreen wristbands

  33. Check your DM's. Capital One wouldn't let General Admission fans use the bathrooms on the ground floor. Use this to your advantage and stick it to the man.

  34. Anyone have an idea of what the line is going to be like outside the arena? We have floor tickets but don’t want to be all the way at the back.

  35. It's Rage, the floor is gonna go nuts and you can easily move forward in the mosh.

  36. You sure? The crowd is going to be a bunch of 45 year olds

  37. Was there last night. There was only a pit at the front, but you could have gotten in there from various angles

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