1. The Happy Gilmore reference I was looking for. Take my upvote

  2. When I hit on mats I tee it up a bit that way if I hit the mat after the tee I know I did a good job. I also put a towel about 3-4 balls back.

  3. Teeing it up wouldn’t simulate taking a divot unless you’re standing at the same level as the tee.

  4. It’s an iron not a driver. It’s very easy to take a divot on iron shots off the tee.

  5. How does teeing it up make it any easier to take a divot? Tee or no tee, you still need your club to travel below the surface of the mat to simulate taking a divot.

  6. I could’ve written this exact thing 4-5 months ago with our newborn. She fought sleep sooo hard and it was the most frustrating thing ever. We got 30 minute daytime naps and averaged 3 hour stretches overnight. It felt so unfair that we had friends who had the most chill babies that would fall asleep anywhere. Our baby would never just naturally fall asleep on her own. It felt like our lives were over.

  7. Nothing she is a nanny , not multi employee.. i so dislike that for the most part al you employers do that!!!

  8. Defensive much? I asked a genuine question and kept an open mind as this is our first time hiring a nanny.

  9. Thanks everyone for the insight! This was super helpful.

  10. Unpopular opinion: I never really understood the acronym culture. How hard is it to type out a few more letters? It feels like gatekeeping the community.

  11. We’re on Night 3 of Ferber and we’re doing both night and day naps. For the first 4 months, our baby was such a bad sleeper (sensitive to everything and hard to get to sleep/stay asleep). Something switched Night 1 of ST- she immediately figured out how to self soothe and it somehow rolled in to daytime naps too.

  12. When someone suggests “Have you tried white noise?” … I die inside

  13. We locked ours at level 2 since around 2 months. It was the only thing that got her 4-5 hour stretches and we desperately needed the sleep.

  14. Curious why you’re weaning at this time, no judgment, just truly curious. As other poster mentioned, LO will developmentally graduate out of motion = soothing but yours seems like they could still benefit at that age (especially with potential regression around the corner).

  15. None taken. I agree, I’m sure our baby would sleep better swaddled for about another month. Unfortunately, my wife is going back to work in a few weeks and the little one has to go to daycare so we’re preparing her for that.

  16. As an only, I’ll tell you my biggest why for wanting more than one (even though my wife and I are on the fence of being OAD).

  17. We have a 3 month old who really struggles with sleep. My wife and I have always imagined having at least 2, but after what we’ve been through so far, my wife doesn’t want to take a chance at getting another bad sleeper, especially if we’ll also have a toddler. I’m still on the fence but I’m starting come around to imagining life with just one.

  18. I’m in the same boat as your wife. I thought if I was going to have I’d have two (cause I’m an only child and didn’t like it a lot of times) but after this I’m like there’s no way I could do it plus take care of a toddler. My husband always wanted more and when I jokingly brought it up to him he was like ugh nope i realized im good now too lol. Sleep deprivation is a total killer and I think can make a huge difference.

  19. All of our friends who are trying for their second say that we’ll forget this period. No, no we won’t. I don’t think any of our friends can’t relate to the challenges of a bad sleeper.

  20. Is she startling awake as your are putting her down or does she wake up once you’ve put her down? If she’s starting awake as you are putting her down, just keep trying to make a smoother transition to the crib/bassinet so she doesn’t startle awake. If she wakes up right after you’ve put her down, maybe try heating up the crib/bassinet with a heating pad first. The mattress might be too cold and it wakes her up.

  21. We’re right there with you. Always been a bad sleeper. Super alert, rarely drowsy on her own, doesn’t sleep in the stroller, car seat, or carrier. None of the usual sleep strategies work for her. Everyone always says it gets better but we’re at 14 weeks and we’re still struggling. We’ll get maybe a 3-4 day stretch where somehow she shows signs of sleeping like a “normal” baby but she quickly regresses back to her usual self. Hope it gets better for the both of us.

  22. Seems to always be the consensus answer among all hockey fans yet the ducks don’t do anything about it. Shame.

  23. Babies need sleep so do everything you can to make sure they are rested. But no warm blankets. And no soft pillows. And they have to sleep on a flattened rock. And put the a/c down to negative 3. And don’t let them sleep on you! Don’t feed them to sleep, either. And make them feel safe but don’t comfort them! Now make sure you get sleep. Oh, btw baby might just forget to breathe in their sleep. Okay, sleep well new parent!

  24. We’re dealing with the same thing with our 3 month old who is very alert and is not a good sleeper. She only takes 30 minute naps but if we catch the end of her nap before she’s too alert and awake, we can hold her and extend the nap for up to another hour. It’s been tough and feels unsustainable at times.

  25. She just turned 3 months. She’s going to day care next month so we may just have to go cold Turkey soon

  26. Not great. She hit some sort of regression so we had to swaddle her again. It’s been rough to say the least.

  27. This is EXACTLY our son. He’s now 2.75 and we still don’t sleep through the night. Bedtime and nap times are a huge struggle.it’s horrible. I wish I could give you a better anecdote

  28. What happens if you just put her in the crib and leave her? I read somewhere (here?) that you can provide the conditions for sleep but you are not responsible for whether LO actually sleeps, and I started doing this when our 3 month old was wide awake at 3am after feeding and what felt like hours of rocking and shushing. Turns out occasionally they'll just lie there, kicking around and generally not unhappy. It lets me sleep and eventually LO sleeps too.

  29. We’ve tried that to an extent. She’ll lie there kicking and not unhappy for a bit, but then eventually it’ll turn to being unhappy and crying instead of going to sleep.

  30. We have a 2.5 month old who struggles hard with sleep. Currently it’s midnight and I’m holding her because she’s been fighting staying asleep in her bassinet since 8pm. When did you start to see better night sleeps? Anything you did differently or did it just happen one day?

  31. Following because we’re worried about the same thing

  32. I’m not saying you shouldn’t go, but we asked our pediatrician if we could take our 10 week old to the pool and she gave us a definitive no, saying that the chemicals and temperature were an issue.

  33. I could’ve written this exact thing when our baby was 5 weeks old. Weeks 4-8 were the worst for us, in terms of sleep. Our baby was never a good sleeper and we had to do so much contact napping during this time. After she went in to Leap 3 (around 10-11 weeks for us), things got so much better. She’s still not a great sleeper and we still have to fight with her to go to sleep most of the time, but at least we can manage to get her down in the bassinet for all sleeps. We only contact nap to supplement the daytime naps that only last 30 minutes. Hang in there!

  34. Not an expert, but the raised lume pip (vs recessed) and white “Diver’s 200m” could mean that they replace the bezel inserts and dial and did not use original parts? The watch itself could be real. I’d ask the seller to be safe.

  35. It took our baby a couple weeks to really get used to the snoo. The motion and sounds startled her when she was at that age.

  36. We just went through this and thought the same thing! We were getting acceptable 4-5 hour stretches, then around Week 10 she fought sleeping so much. One night, we tried putting her down 9 times before she finally fell asleep. She also would only do 2-3.5 hour stretches during this time. We thought maybe it was from her 2-month vaccines but this lasted about a week.

  37. I’m surprised companies haven’t made a “safe sleep” bumper. Seems doable with breathable fabrics.

  38. It’s not just a breathing issue; it’s an issue with child’s getting caught/strangled/etc. in the fabric/straps/etc.

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