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  1. Totally true. There's also video evidence from the civil war of pigs flying over both confederate and union airfields.

  2. Who needs an oil cooler when you already have a perfectly good radiator?

  3. Found a couple of slides from the parade after the victory.

  4. The most important part of this is the little shelf to hold your hot tub drinks. The steps are necessary to safely get out after you've consumed too many hot tub drinks

  5. Why do I have a feeling they don't use new string every time and I'd question whether the clothes pins get washed.

  6. From at least the 80s until their end, that feeling was rust. Lots and lots of rust.

  7. Not a single line in that grass. I think they carried the mower to that spot.

  8. I wonder if they hit something with the tail. The spinning suggests something happened to the tail rotor and then the whole thing detached after the horizontal stabilizers.

  9. I cannot stand Mayim's style of what we've begun calling "Gigglehosting". Clarifying answers, announcing daily doubles, talking with contestants; all accompanied with her trade mark giggle/chuckle. It's annoying and comes off as especially inauthentic during the interviews.

  10. I like that it’s coming from an email address. Seems super legit. 😂

  11. Everyone knows that the real Zelle adminstrators use

  12. Unfortunately it was bulldozed earlier this year.

  13. Tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy are still very much a key issue in politics today.

  14. I can't help but feel that the momentous feeling they're going for is cheapened a bit by the fact that she'll be sharing a cabin with one of the guys from Dude Perfect.

  15. According to this listing it appears to be a "push to talk (butterfly)" (last photo)

  16. What's the point of watching this if the designs are not credible?

  17. Could have been a pole transformer blowing. The amount of light they can put out for a second or two is crazy.

  18. I once got rolled up on because I fit the description of an 82 year old man who'd gone missing, just because I was wearing a blue rain coat at the time.

  19. Maybe you'd look a little younger if you'd stop being so surly, Brian.

  20. Why's she disgusted? Other girl was faster, simple as that...

  21. And now your helicopter company is down 2 birds.

  22. That's because they are police helicopters.

  23. I could understand the Niagara Falls region, but what is your reasoning that it would have hindered Buffalo?

  24. I heard a Buffalo native make the case that the bill took control of resources away from the local community and diverted tax revenue. I just wanted to know if that statement had any validity.

  25. If that's the case, the "resources away from the local community" would by Niagara County, not Erie. After skimming the bill, I don't see anything in the bill that puts the tax burden on the entirety of western New York.

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