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  1. They really need those touchscreen monitors in aircraft cockpits lol

  2. Holy shit. Thats got an underbarrel. 203, maybe?

  3. Chinese people exist outside of China

  4. You should delete the 1A5 and maybe one 2A1 unless you really need that much tanks. Get the mistrials if you can or Fallscrimjager ‘90 if you think your AA is adequate. Imo you should also switch one of your Jupiter logi for a helo logi. That’s personal preference, but consider helos have more supplies and can deliver them fast to the frontlines.

  5. ‘This title is a bit misleading given the currently known information (assuming it doesn’t change cause police have been known to lie). But he allegedly fired at them from his vehicle and they did find his firearm in his car. So I can understand why they would think he was still armed.’

  6. Maybe if you had been slightly less ignorant, you would know.

  7. New cars. Singapore is more expensive, but HK is up there.

  8. TVs and appliances are cheaper if you buy them from places like that computer mall in Shum Shui Po, but I agree that newer models are more expensive. Trying to buy a new laptop, it costs 22,000 HKD but costs 7000 HKD less if you buy it in UK, but with even better specs.

  9. Ah, good’ol Growling Sidewinder. Love his vids

  10. I though they were talking about Russia for the first second

  11. Yea, the CCP definitely doesn’t lie as well, especially if there is any genocide going on….

  12. Actually, it still is a positive, it’s just that the person who said it is being sarcastic. -🤓

  13. Hahaha I was actually wondering lately if the HIMARS was the same arty piece in BF4

  14. Well, that just ruins the whole point of the joke….

  15. “Artillery adds dignity to what would otherwise be an ugly brawl.”

  16. ‘’Let’s hope the enemy doesn’t have any air defence!’

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