1. stop saying that you are ugly and start saying that you are beautiful to collect your self-esteem

  2. In my last year in high school I saw a girl who almost had a tachycardia attack because she exercised a lot and didn't eat, the day she almost had the attack she did some exercises in the gym

  3. I get it but what range? We're you watching this in are we talking 2003-2016 or are we talking 80's and 90's. Just a general time range on how recent this would've been

  4. He estado en muchos intercambios escolares y siempre pienso en cojerme a la madre de la familia de acogida

  5. You forget a thousand things every day pal , make sure this is one of them

  6. I don't speak English , ¿ What Margot said ?

  7. One visit to the gym is not a habit yet. Wait for it

  8. I go to the gym all week and apart from that I train basketball, I eat like pig but it's hard to gain weight

  9. fue a los 12 años y aunque fue solo un pico no fue como me lo esperaba pero me gustó

  10. after urinating I don't know how the bar soap fell into the toilet ( there was an error with the title )

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