1. 3 days is okay, Friday has less artists because it opens later than Saturday/Sunday and this festival only goes to 11pm.

  2. I’ve been to 3 day festivals before and I’ve also been to Veld. I usually have a great time but I’m not sure about this year. I’m assuming artists won’t be coming straight from the airport to the venue so that shouldn’t really be an issue.

  3. I didn't take any vacation or sick days during my first job because of this mentality. I later realized that I was legally entitled to these things and should take advantage of what I have been offered.

  4. I remember being so critical of Taylor during those days before her tweets were exposed cus I could see right through her hypocrisy, and condescending know it all ways and got so much hate on here because they said I was dismissing her experience as a POC. And it had nothing to do with that, she is just such a toxic person and finally people on this sub see.

  5. For a while, every time I went to her page she would just post videos of her crying for different reasons and I knew I had to unfollow.

  6. A girl I went to university with set up a go fund me so she could start a podcast about her travels. This money would cover costs like her transportation, equipment, a studio, etc. This quickly flopped when no one contributed.

  7. I purchased a hollyhock plant from the store and the flowers were more like little bulbs or bells but they all fell off within a week! Is there any way to revive it?

  8. Got my first Purolator sale too. I took it to Canada Post and they wouldn't accept it. I took it to a Purolator drop off centre and no one knew where to drop it off, no signs as to where to drop the package. Found a box with lots of packages in it and placed it there. Now Poshmark says I haven't shipped it and I've opened up a case with Purolator. How fun :)

  9. That sucks. I'm sorry that happened to you. It's all very frustrating. I hope that it's just a delay and it will start tracking soon. Is there another drop off centre you can go to? Sounds like the people at the one you went too have no clue!! Try and get a receipt next time when you drop it off.

  10. Yeah I actually went back to the first dropbox place 2 days later and my package was still there so I took it back and dropped it off at Staples, which I just found out ships Purolator packages! They don't scan or give receipts though. The first location didn't even have people, just a box on the ground.

  11. Well. The recovery is very intense. I mean, it’s a tough surgery to heal from. I got my stomach, sides and back done. I’m short and carried ALL my fat in my midsection while actively working out. It just wasn’t going away. Three years later I’m still very happy with my results, I have a pretty flat stomach and still no back fat. My weight has fluctuated but overall the shape stayed. Before the surgery I never had a waist, just kind of love handles and a spare tire, I have a short torso and I just looked rectangular. I have a waist now

  12. I considered this! My stomach and back have always been my main problem areas. Can I ask how much you weighed when you got lipo?

  13. Yes I use the head and shoulders itchy shampoo (it’s minty) and it cleans my hair so well! And I don’t have dandruff.

  14. I dropped off a Putolator package at a dropbox on Friday at noon. By Monday noon it still hadn't been shipped yet. Even though I marked it as shipped on the app, Poshmark kept sending me updates saying I never shipped the package. The best part, I went back to the dropbox on Monday and no one even came to the dropbox and the package was still there so I took it home.

  15. Similar thing happened to me when I dropped a package off at an actual Purolator location on wednesday and the employee even scanned it. It’s monday and tracking info hasn’t updated at all and Poshmark says I haven’t shipped it :/

  16. I messaged Poshmark from their contact section and they said it was fine but if it doesn't update after 3 days to report it

  17. I contacted the company I bought from and they refunded my order. Package never arrived.

  18. Yes. I would easily get 300 views on my story and 100 likes on a post, and now I struggle to get 100 views and 50 likes.

  19. I posted a reel with copyright audio and Instagram didn't pick it up so it didn't get added to the audio page. I also tried adding in the audio manually through reels and it still didn't pick up. My reels usually get 5000 views and it got 200.

  20. I posted a reel with music and it didn't get added to the reels audio page.

  21. I just received my advance sale code in a text which said that advance sale starts at 10AM PT. I go to the website and it says 1PM PT. Is this a mistake on the website?

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