1. Earliest memory of the paranormal is seeing my great grandad walking around the back garden doing gardening a week after he had died. I was around 6. I would say I have had traumatic experiences with the paranormal, but I’ve come to accept it as a part of life. It’s just something that science doesn’t yet fully understand.

  2. you just spooked me terribly and thats hard to do! i have seen some shit

  3. do you always feel like you are being looked at?

  4. okay, wow. that is wonderful bc obviously someones looking over you

  5. There is something seriously wrong with you if you don’t feel sorry for Diana’s upbringing. You don’t have to like her but it’s fucked up to pretend that being a refugee and having your brother shot isn’t fucking tragic because she also mentioned « she didn’t travel growing up and wants to make up for it now ». It wasn’t an attack on you if you also didn’t travel growing up… chill the fuck out and do some serious work on empathy/logic…

  6. i agree with you i call her lizard lips as a joke but I have Bosnian friends who dealt with absolute terror growing up. I can only imagine her upbringing and the things she seen.

  7. I believe they are good friends. I just think he was calling off his ipad for a scheduled facetime while the cameras were there. she probably told him to make her look good thats why he thanked her right off the bat. “im just calling to thank you…” she really came on this show thinking we are all fools, we can all clock a set up- especially from that disingenuous lip licker.

  8. As much as I can’t stand Kyle and how she has thrown her own blood under the bus for years, that’s the best she’s ever looked!

  9. I agree. A simple look is beautiful on her, she doesn’t need all the makeup and crazy outfits.

  10. this text screams “i get blackout drunk alone at my house and make up stories in my head about people and text them incoherent things.” the next day she is probably embarrassed and thats why she always doubles down on her behavior then spirals.

  11. Kathy wears vintage Chanel while Rinna wears rented denim pant suits.

  12. i was taking part 1 today and it glitched. then i got an automated email saying “bitch, you failed.”

  13. Dubai and Dallas- I only liked Potomac when Katie Rost was on it.

  14. time is not on his side, he is aging like guacamole in the sun.

  15. i bet meg ryans step-dorter didn’t want to shave her legs

  16. She only went like that so she didn’t have to spend hours in glam just to leave the party early. bet.

  17. thats what i was thinking as soon as i heard “crustaceancore christmas and lobster print” 😩😩🤣

  18. Look at what Nabela Noor posted today sharing her daughter's party decor with her 2.3 million followers on Instagram. It's exactly this, minus the bright purple bit! I didn't know it was becoming the thing, but apparently it is. Granted they have a beautiful pool, but they live in Pennsylvania I'm pretty sure.

  19. I just looked and it is super cute for a pool party birthday. I like how she kept it neutral- the sandcastle cake was so cute.

  20. why are fashion designers always putting models through ninja warrior obstacle courses in six inch heels?

  21. Erica said on WWHL that all the ladies were outside the door. Crystal was the first one who tried the locked door, production edited it to look like zKathy original tried the door.

  22. right, i heard that too. i think kathy came to the door as a joke to shake it to annoy them.

  23. I swear they told her to act just like she did in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. She even got set on fire and then came back to life in both movies. I definitely think her part was written in and made just for her. She is so so so good in both.

  24. no one wants to see a pale white pancakin’ ass with cargo short tan lines

  25. the mean girls really said “you can’t sit with us” and kyle lost her mind. she was so panicked when lisa said “ill be right back, let me go talk to them” and kyle was like “YOU BETTER COME BACK AND DONT BE LONG!” like were the other girls not good enough to be with? She really showed herself there. She was about to throw dorito across the room.

  26. Yeah if it was a super busy bar and I had a choice of taking Dorits lemons out, or some asshole who wanted 4 mojitos and a hot toddy, I know who I'd choose... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. i bartended for five years prior to the pandemic and i still have nightmares of just muddling mint

  28. if you pay attention to how rinna talks to kathy the last few episodes it is so passive aggressive. kathy makes a comment and rinnas like “well kathy…. you know…” trying to hint that kathy does the same exact things or that she is a hypocrite for what she is stating in the moment. rinnas downfall started with the denise drama and she is trying so hard to save face and deflect the bad attention onto kathy and sutton.

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