Russia Falls into Recession

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  1. I'm really curious what these places are actually selling.

  2. they're selling the salt version, not the base. The New Yorker just did an article-- the med Novo Nordisk uses is the free form version-- the only difference with the once's compounding pharmacies use is that it's attached to a sodium ion (that dissolved in water). So you're getting a touch of salt when you inject what they sent you- fine by the FDA.

  3. I dunno, here in Finland you find them often. A candlestick Norway spruce makes perfect shelters in the winter.

  4. what's the idiom used for? finding a safe spot?

  5. may i recommend this tennis skirt instead? It has 2 layers, built in shorts with pockets, high waist, and flares at the hips. it really makes you seem like you have hips, and it also comes in "tall" (really, tall makes it appropriate to wear out in public juuuust barely. Any shorter and you will for sure be flashing the shorts to everyone, particularly if a 2mph breeze occurs)

  6. Probably something to that. They also seem to transfer the update over a separate low bandwidth BTLE connection, since you can still listen to music while it updates but the Assistant is unavailable.

  7. with that big of a version change, this was QA'd for a long while.

  8. It's more even than you think. A lot of folks interact with FtM people without even knowing.

  9. yupp. have an acquaintance who is FTM. Never knew for years until i have obviously been transitioning, we ran into each other in the bathroom (where we were finally away from mutual friends) and they told me. i was SHOCKED

  10. like i'm given T and not allowed to wear skirts? I'm sure you'll see the gayest militia form, and i'll join that.

  11. Not more, but "better". Cooking changes molecules in food and makes them behave differently, including being more or less nutritious. Like how vitamins can get destroyed by overcooking vegetables, or what causes browning effects when searing, or complex sugars/starches turning into simpler sugars.

  12. unless you cook it too long, in which case the shape changes yet again into an even more difficult form to digest

  13. That's just as bad, you know. You're only digging your hole deeper, judging people for what they eat, based off of """health."""

  14. thanks for sharing your opinion. It's fascinating to read about beliefs so much different than my own. I'm sure we're all judging each other with rolling eyes and equal vitriol.

  15. Yeah, sure, it's completely reasonable to spend the five waking hours you have after a full time job learning to code on YouTube. Social live are for winners.

  16. you can spend 1.5 of those hours and that'll be enough.

  17. I'm sorry that is just full of shit and unreasonable. Maybe it comes to you that easily, but not everyone.

  18. when i say the 1.5 hours is enough, it would take well over a year, consistently. That's essentially what college would be, maybe 1-2 hours of actual code-relevant class where you learn 5 days a week, and a few hours every few days for homework, and that's enough to be able to land an internship after a year or so. Maybe 2 if you're really struggling.

  19. sedan, the auto, lift, carriage, pony, whip, Royce, benz,

  20. if you could've grown a beard before treatments, this is pretty decent.

  21. China produced vaccines are not mRNA and they refuse to use the already widely available western ones, that have been available. They do have one in the works but are 2 years behind. They want to go it alone and prove I don't know to whom that they have a handle on it when clearly they don't. It is a case of bluster over common sense, you work on things together to achieve the desired outcome irregardless of national pride.

  22. it's a political strategy to bolster their biotechnology sector. If they use the west's vaccines, they're giving up control of mass vaccine rollout/research to the west entirely. Making their own, they're able to retain talent, build up their supply chain (everything from physical labs to machinery), and grow closer to being able to rollout a new vaccine for a new illness. Besides vaccines, they also build the administration needed to manage mass amounts of funds in research, and can keep research in other areas of biotech going after covid isn't a concern.

  23. At the cost of millions of lives...

  24. didn't say it was the right decision- but that's what happens in a world where countries compete economically with various ideologies. I study this to understand political decisions/ not so much make them.

  25. I suspect night desk at a hotel probably fits your requirements, provided you can stay awake.

  26. look for jobs fielding emails for insurance companies. Customers email asking for something (usually to cancel, or file a claim), you either cancel it, or fill out the preliminary paperwork and send it to the actual insurance reps/agents/licensed people.

  27. It's not exclusive- something like Customer Service Rep or Customer Support Rep. Maybe data entry? It's so vague, you really have to hunt down the description. Hunt it down, if it says Email And phone support, apply and mention something about email only and you can't do phone,-- works best if you apply in the spring. Insurance companies are busiest in the summers. Like, so busy, they'll take anyone. If you're good you'll stay on through the winter- and good is basically do-you-meet-the-quota and not-cause-trouble kind of good, nothing extraordinary.

  28. Your hair is beautiful! Do you have any tips on how to get it like that? I have similar length but I’m not familiar with curling hair or anything like that…

  29. that's a full blow out. 2 ways- best, cheap, but hard way: Round brush, hair dryer, long curler. Tools cost like $80 all together. Use this video, that's basically how i do it and my hair stylist does it

  30. it's on sale if u haven't seen. ps5/4 is $35 on amazon

  31. Which makes you wonder if the war mongers have put it on the politicians to allow this to happen.

  32. isn't this just a way for the US to put huge financial pressure on a country EVEN IF russia straightened up? Milk Russia's future, repatriate assets if non payment occurs. Topple their credit if they remain unpaid

  33. Nobody knows what progesterone does. There is no study about it. Theoretically it shouldn't work on AMAB people at all because there are no receptors that science knows of. But there is some anecdotical evidence that it helps shaping our boobs.

  34. where'd you hear that? theoretically mtf should have the receptors assuming one is on estrogen for at least 6 months- since the DNA is there, it's likely just not active but once the hormones are the same, it should unfurl and activate

  35. You sound like an amazing sweet and supportive girl. You cannot give your bf confidence. Only he can give that to himself. Either with working on himself or working with a therapist.

  36. seconded. He's Going Through It ™️, and he could try to fix it with self help books and you, but unless he goes to therapy, this shit isn't really going to get any better for a while. Plus, it's exhausting to cross your fingers they're making progress with books- they take much longer than therapy sessions anyhow... and if they oppose, well, if they're so insecure they can't admit to a professional they need help, their chances of improving on their own are very very low, esp at this young age

  37. have you gone to therapy to learn how to speak your feelings without saying something dumb? the fact you silently rage is a red flag- maybe conversations about sex goes in circles, but it would be much more efficient to voice how you feel about her stating that and have a talk about it. If she's not able to handle talking, that's a sign to break up. However, if you're being an ass about it, things won't get better for y'all NOR whoever else you date next. So therapy would be a great option to learn how to voice how you feel, confidently, and kindly. Much better to have the skills to talk about the problem in the moment, rather than to try to figure out how to talk later. If it stresses you out too much, that's another topic for therapy/ if it stresses her too much, that's her problem for being emotionally unavailable

  38. That quotation just said the same thing four times in a row.

  39. sometimes people need info to be drilled in their heads like that

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