Colorado Springs shooting suspect's father is very relieved his son isn't gay

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  1. Bring or find roughly 6 foot human (oneself is fine), standard ceiling roughly 240cm? stick your arm in the air, roughly top of tree to that height

  2. I'm British living in Ireland and not had any issues whatsoever even in the supposed "hardest pubs". Both sides of the border.

  3. I had cauda equine syndrome from a herniated disk. It wasn't even a two day stay following surgery. It was one day of sobbing in unimaginable pain hoping an OR opened up before I had permanent nerve damage. And one day to make sure my bowels still worked. I think the best part is that this denial is after a peer to peer review. So some doctor at BCBS talked to the doctor overseeing my case in the hospital and STILL said, nope, it's not necessary for her to stay in the hospital.

  4. Had the same a few years ago. Pretty terrifying stuff, but I'm back to 100% now apart from being half an once shorter! Hope you're doing ok with the recovery.

  5. Wouldn't that be more of a reason to get salt and vinegar on them? I don't think you've thought this through.

  6. The Chinese have a saying - The best time to plant a bog was 100,000 years ago before the last ice age. The second best time to plant a big is now.

  7. Surprised no one has mentioned the block you can see in front of the doors. That was used for beheadings way back when supposedly.

  8. Wonder what their thoughts are on the English language?

  9. First time to see my country in a world cup?? I ain't missing that

  10. Yeah. I wasn't born the last time, ( in the fifties I believe), and I'm getting older now so this may be my last and only chance to support Wales in a world cup. Never thought I'd see the day to be honest. We ain't the best at soccer

  11. Pretty sure the dairy industry in the US is trying to make this illegal, as that milk has a definition so it’s misleading. Plus the nutritional profile is way different.

  12. Unreal. Photos like this generally look overly edited and these don't.

  13. Brewed in Newcastle I think for the uk one, probably imported when bought in Ireland

  14. The worst one I ever went to just had some Rod Stewart playing the whole time

  15. After 2.30, The civil service way

  16. In fairness it not the place for anyone growing a plant. Total waste of time money and resources

  17. Too many people will see me and some of them will claim that money is theirs. Not a fan of confrontation.

  18. One pastrami on rye please Jeff, extra Miracle whip and don't forget to pump the meat full of hormones.

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