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  1. stick with it! I know you'll have heard it many times before but it affects everyone differently, and can take a while to set in. but it will help! good luck with everything, I'm sure you'll do great!

  2. I'm not saying it will solve all of your problems, but it should still alleviate them to some extent and is worth a shot

  3. Me, trying to tell if it’s gender envy or a new crush: Eehhh (it was gender envy)

  4. literally me watching wandavision

  5. being bisexual doesn't mean I'm confused about my sexuality! I'm just confused about my gender 💅

  6. you look great! I'd kill to be able to transition and look half as good as you :)

  7. honestly it feels like it just gets in the way, like having balls on a really hot sweaty day is awful. I wish I could just get rid of them. still cis tho

  8. I love demon slayer. That art is absolutely gorgeous and I love them all

  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one at least!

  10. I go through it too.I still don't quite understand gender identity.I think that I want to change my gender but I don't know if I should.There is this feeling that is holding me back like what I want to do is immoral and wrong..maybe because of internalised transphobia.

  11. I feel a very similar way, it really is a complex feeling, unlike anything I've really known. I don't understand myself and I'm not sure if I ever will, but I'm trying to get therapy to try and get a grasp of my feelings. I hope it works out, and that you can find peace with yourself too :)

  12. Anny best fox, haven't heard anything from her in a while tho :(

  13. she's been back streaming regularly for a few weeks now

  14. she's my fav hololive girl for sure. so cute, so psychotic

  15. was your arm going behind your back then I assume, pressing against your prostate with your fingernail? or some other position?

  16. just checked and got mine too! H3G in UK. Hopefully fixes the screen refresh rate bug!

  17. Got it for 2 days and i get no fps drop. It actually feels like android 11 one ui 3.0.

  18. Same, well only today but not a single issue so far!

  19. It’s says tnetennba as in ‘that’s a nice tnetennba’.

  20. You were a minute later than the other guy who said this….

  21. aw shit, didn't notice that lol

  22. uh/ does anyone have this image without the text? it's genuinely kinda cute

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