Tim Hardaway won't ever be on the mic again after this one

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  1. I have lost 25 pounds over the last three months and now I am, as of this morning, 2 pounds away from hitting a BMI of 25 which will move me from the “overweight” category to the “normal” category.

  2. Before they called them germs, the idea that babies were dying because of something being transferred from the autopsy were originally called corpse particles.

  3. The waits get so long (over an hour) because of this day that normal people that order ahead and arrive to pick it up find out about the wait and choose either be late to work or forget the coffee

  4. The dude has a pool in the backyard. Quick thinking would have been to throw the scooter in the pool

  5. Sure, but you'd also have to be coordinated (this guy sure af ain't) and not afraid of the shower of lithium sparks coming at your face while you drag a 600lbs (edit: maybe 250lbs?) machine through a currently closed glass door.

  6. The “right” from the other dude sounds defeated af, he knows where this is going

  7. It was like Michael Meyers' heavy sigh after Kanye did that "George Bush doesn't care about Black people" thing after Katrina

  8. Who puts the morgue next to the maternity ward though

  9. This has been a popular meme floating around the internet for a while now

  10. Btw Chuck Norris did really good stuff for Black Middle School back in the day. Still Bags>Norris but I’m thankful for his work

  11. Chuck also pushed for bibles in the classroom, so fuck 'im.

  12. i think if it’s diarrhea it would also fall into the subcategory of a mudslide

  13. Ladies and gents, your friendly neighborhood Blue Jays fan here. Tonight, do what must be done. GO ASTROS!

  14. “This is the thinnest lock we have ever used” - Apple

  15. i guess that could refer to Houstonians' livers too

  16. been working in bars for almost two decades and I like my Vespers equal parts

  17. It's amazing how quickly this went over so many heads (including my own).

  18. He said he spent all of his money on those tickets.

  19. Legends throw it all on the line. This man stopped the streak. His sacrifice shan't be forgotten.

  20. Think of all the little sharticles on those.

  21. Thank you. I've been saying "shit crystals" for too long and I needed another term.

  22. I'm so glad we don't have to play a game tomorrow

  23. Let's end this. Get those first two batters out so less pressure when facing JRod

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