1. Looks like you may be interested in the newest dumb bar opening. "AuStin in Houston"

  2. Okay but then bloating is fat now? I like to think it's my ovaries or else I need to stop eating, stat

  3. Short staffed but are they paying better than $15.00, like I stated above I already am working a dead end job and am through with karens

  4. Ignorance isn't gonna get you anywhere. If you're not completely incompetent you should be making $20-30/hr or more in tips.

  5. im interested. does location matter? i currently make $9/hr and I’m a manager at some cafe

  6. Location def matters. Price points matter. What matters the most is consistent customer base, and what helps even more is a higher price point on the menu.

  7. Animal shelters. I think BARC and/or caps has a short one day training, then you can come whenever to walk dogs!

  8. Well it sure as hell tastes salty and I asked so… like literally even the tea and coffee taste salty. There no damn way.

  9. When did you cruise last? I just got off of breeze, and the first thing I asked about was the water storage and systems.

  10. Ecstasy in April so totally possible that an older ship is using the reverse osmosis method from the seawater. I come from a city where we’re known for very clean tap water so maybe I’m also just picky lol

  11. Our boat had RO too, but that's for shower/sink water not drinking.

  12. Yes cause we're all in a rush to take a massive pay cut cause you're cheap.

  13. I see your a dishwasher- work your way into FOH instead. Bussers make tips, and usualy the same hourly. Servers make more. Bartenders make the most.

  14. Why does it do this? I get results like this often

  15. It gives the most common searches. More people spell it wrong

  16. How picky? I'm sure we can find a bar that carries whatever he wants.

  17. Where? I live near The Woodlands & most of those jobs are $15/hr. Hardly anyone keeps a full staff these days so you can easily get 39.5 hours every week, which is both good & bad. It also sucks because they want people with completely open availability but at that pay most people need more than one job. Its doable if you have help though.

  18. Houston is a big area; that's why I'm asking where you can make that. I'm in Houston proper almost every day.

  19. Why can't they bartend if they're 19? And I meant inside the venue specifically.

  20. I can’t do tic tok. Cooking chicken in cough medicine is the latest idiocy. Can’t do it.

  21. That's the whole thing we arrive around 7-8 am I think

  22. Are you checking bags? That 8 arrival willl be 10 when you get to the boat.

  23. I went with people but spent most of my time solo. You can do whatever you want at whatever speed you want. I park hopped all over, and just didn't care about anyone else! I also brought a cheap tripod for pics!

  24. Sorry but how is this Houston related?

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