1. This little tik tok just cost her her inheritance. This was not Kris Kurated.

  2. Wrong time to say it but it’s still so weird to me that they are husband and wife like damn real adult titles

  3. Why does that look like Jonathan in a wig I’m so sorry that’s the first thing I saw

  4. I want one of these bags soooo bad but simply don’t have $5k to spend on an impractical bag.

  5. Jennifer Coolidge - a legend ! you’re not wrong as far as the blonde hair & small eyes but Jennifer isn’t orange.

  6. To add on and not to be mean, Jennifer Coolidge does the whole stiff face soooo well. I think of a Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff where Jennifer Coolidge is supposed to be having a reaction to botox and can’t move her face….so fucking funny, an icon

  7. oh right, yeah I didn’t mean the “orange” thing to be mean; it’s just the main visual difference. I’m sure Khloe knows how heavy she spray tans and does it intentionally bc she likes that look. Jennifer is hilarious is everything and yes, she plays the “frozen botox face” so well in A Cinderella Story!

  8. Totally knew you weren’t trying to be mean, didn’t want to sound mean myself saying “stiff face”!!!

  9. Kim and Kourtney in the early seasons really looked so much alike!

  10. Am I bugging or is Kris’s fifth star not completely filled? 🧐 One of the voters decided to shake the table!

  11. Khloe and Kylie ranking top is so funny to me considering they seem to have had the most work done to their face (and they didn’t need any) but I guess they feets naturally beautiful too!

  12. Maybe his name is Ramen and that’s why his dad was using him as a table to give us a clue

  13. No cuz this is how everyone has been with the name speculation….Travis was wearing a hat. Maybe the baby’s name is Hat?

  14. Chicago getting a hug from saint I think? Anyways it’s very cute lol

  15. Kris is THE hustler of all hustlers. There’s no luck or blessings behind their fame, she did all of it tbh

  16. Is Tracy the new assistant? Like steph's old job.

  17. I honestly can’t tell, she’s def a PR person for Kim and the fam but not sure if she’s also an assistant. She just seems to have everything so planned out and intentional that a Sag seems too chaotic for her haha

  18. I thought she was part of kanye's team. You know that scene where they brought her clothes (old season). I thought she was that assistant.

  19. I don’t know much about her maybe she started like that but I don’t think she works for Kanye or is in contact with him at all anymore especially with the posts he had

  20. I’m all for keeping the kids lives private but how the hell has this baby’s birth certificate name change not been publicly released yet

  21. Other than Kris I don’t think Kim has ever dated a taller guy though, right?? I think Reggie and Kanye are under 6 foot? I remember when Khloe was dating Lamar, Kim made some sort of comment about how he was too tall & she could never date such a tall guy. Although granted Lamar was VERY tall.

  22. And then Kris is an inch shorter than Lamar but Kim is like 10 inches shorter than Khloe almost…..she’s one of those girls that is always like “I would NEVER do that EVER but good for you I guess” but then becomes a hypocrite haha

  23. I appreciate the thought but it doesn’t make sense. I always said any glass bottle makeup you should be able to send back to the brand and they send you a new bottle half price. That way they recycle their own bottles and you have the incentive. Also grocery stores should have a shampoo, conditioner, soap refill station!

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