1. My little man started doing that a few weeks ago and I just kept a very close eye on him… couldn’t really sleep the first few nights he did this. I do know giving him lots of tummy time is helping him learn how to get back to his back and kinda guiding him so often to show him how to get on his back from his tummy. As long as your little one can turn their head and get their herself in her tummy it’s fine. I put him on his back every night and wake up to him cooing on his tummy looking at me through his bassinet. Just make sure to get lots of tummy time and let her build up those muscles. Show her how to roll on her back and I am sure she will let. I’m no time. My little man has got the back leg part down but not quite the turning into his back so I just guide him. And the more I do this with him the more he feels comfortable on his tummy. Good luck mama… you got this!

  2. They’ll fall off from the bottom so keep as many as you can I say lol

  3. For repotting you can do it on a trash bag and save all the dirt that falls on the ground and easy clean up

  4. It seems to be screaming "more sun"

  5. Haven’t dropped her, but I was laying next to her while on Reddit and dropped my phone on her head, I cried I felt so terrible!!

  6. What makes it worse is I’m trying to catch it so I end up hitting it and it hits his head at a super high speed

  7. Haven't dropped her yet(I'm a major klutz so I know it'll happen) but my husband accidentally clipped her skin while trimming her nails. She also dove headfirst onto my plate after dinner.

  8. Literally the first two times I tried cutting my sons nails I cut him. And on the first cut! So I said hell no to me hurting him over and over and bought an electric trimmer. Lol

  9. Have you tried just turning it upside down and gently shaking it?

  10. My son was born full term on my due date but at the beginning of having him he hates to be touched. If I tried to rub his arm or belly he would recoil and act like he hated being touched. Always made me sad but now he loves being touched. I thought it was a newborn thing but I guess it’s just a some babies thing.

  11. Not sure exactly what you've heard, but for the first few days you have colostrum. It's yellowish and thick. Then your milk comes in and it's white and much thicker (and hurts when it comes in...). When people talk about their milk coming in a few days later, that's usually what they're referring to. Most women will have exactly what their baby needs at the time it's needed.

  12. I have been leaving my son in the onesie he sleeps in (short sleeves no legs) because he gets too hot in long jammies. But when he was wearing them, he wore them all day. I never dress him up!

  13. Same. He has a sleep sack thing so every morning that comes off and im sure he understands that sack is sleep clothes

  14. Who the fuck lets their cat out of the cage in the car? I love my cat enough that she rides in a cat basket on the backseat.

  15. My cat grew up traveling with me so he doesn’t ride in a cage. He does really good in the car.

  16. You will need lots of light to prevent it falling over on itself

  17. I used to teach the youngest class of swim lessons in our park district. It was a “mommy and baby” class and we took babies as young as 6 weeks! I’d say the youngest I ever actually saw was maybe 3-4 months.

  18. I took my daughter to a pool at around 2 months. She wasn't a fan. At 8 months I was able to get her in a swim (or, water acclimation) class and she loved it. Now she's 10 months and we've started the next level, which is starting some swim basics. She loves being in the water and has a ton of fun

  19. Drill holes from the inside down rather that from the outside up.

  20. Basically when you screw up into the container it leaves like a little ring of material that makes a thin layer of water harder to drain. But when you screw down that material goes on the outside and all the water can drain out. I’ve had to learn the hard way about screwing up because I did it after I already planted inside of it so I didn’t want to take it all out.

  21. I've watered it once since buying it a week ago. Guess I'll wait a couple weeks before watering it again...

  22. Usually when you get it from the store they water it often. If I get any desert plants I don’t water for a couples weeks if not a month.

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