1. Fight back brothers. Extra short shorts with the ball sack hanging out the side.

  2. I fuck bitches and look handsome. FUCKIN I WANNA FUCKIN KILL MYSELF WAHH WAHH WAHH.

  3. Screaming “GET UP!” Like he’s miraculously gonna get up and keep fighting like the last round of a boxing movie.

  4. I’d take 10 seasons and a movie of this over Velma.

  5. Honestly, I fuck with vision. But i think the big leather piece on the top makes it look like you put glue on your feet and walked through a junk yard. I’ll check back when you drop version 2.0.

  6. A pound of weed and you’ve got yourself a Time Machine.

  7. Eucalyptus oil, works every time. Or wd40 but doesn’t smell as good

  8. Explanation: we live in a simulation, big truck drivers spawn with the same aggressive driver programming.

  9. What if I told you it’s not about jerking off, it’s about crippling porn addiction?

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