1. lol it’s actually not much to keep the lifestyle she wants to live without Patrick in the picture

  2. I’m really happy for her and them! I loved the Real (for all its highlights and its messiness) and it is truly amazing to see the journey a lot of the hosts have been on through the course of the show, but especially Adrienne. Selfishly I wish she had opened up a little more about her fertility journey in the show (but 100% completely understand her choice) just because I think it’s something a lot of women and couples face, but I’m so happy to see this for her after alluding to their bumps along the way in the journey to becoming a mother.

  3. I’m glad that she finally got a baby. She’s been wanting one for years 😭

  4. So the meat dress was actually referencing a meat dress that was done before and she recreated that meat dress that specifically champions gay rights in the military.

  5. I’m no Kim stan, but people have said that about the Ks just before they make a pivot and gain new relevancy

  6. That’s because Kim is young. As she gets older, she’ll be seen as a fad more and more. Just a trend like how those juicy shorts were popular in the 2000s.

  7. i mean i literally linked you a tweet of her doing exactly what you're saying she doesn't do but go off ig

  8. so you’re just going to act like the girl hasn’t been made fun of by the media and her peers for dating for 10+ years or the fact that she’s addressed a lot of her mess in her music and not on Twitter

  9. literally what are you even talking about? log off. maybe speak to a therapist about why you feel so personally victimized by someone linking a tweet your beloved victim posted herself and apparently still stands by lmao.

  10. it’s rooted in both internalized misogyny and racism.

  11. People also accused Beyonce of faking her pregnancy with blue ivy 😒. I think maybe Perez Hilton even got in on it too 🤢.

  12. That shit was foul. I thought people were just saying that for the memes but I found out people actually took that shit seriously and I was so confused cos clearly that ain’t true like 😒

  13. How Piers Morgan has a career after hacking dead children's phones and faking photos purportedly showing war crimes, which undoubtedly got many people killed.

  14. I just want to know when this sleaze will go to prison cos the shit that he’s been on ain’t ok

  15. I forgot about when rob kardashian was exposing tf out of blac chyna 😭 that man was over it though exposing her genitals was not cool at all

  16. I’ve never understood (and never tried so would be happy to correct myself once I have) the yam dish Americans have at thanksgiving. Sweet potato and marshmallows? You fucking what when?!

  17. nah we have enough food cred in these streets to judge (jamabalaya, Texas bbq, tacos, Cajun, seafood boil, etc)

  18. it’s giving the same energy as fingers in the booty by amber rose 😭

  19. I don’t think Gaga, Harry, Dua, Ariana or The Weeknd will be respected in the acting world for a very long time. Not enough years of experience. Ariana does but nothing critically acclaimed. Actors are pretentious about that. Gaga only has two movies under her belt and many critiqued her for over-acting. She has a long way to go.

  20. Yes I know that’s why I said I’m rooting for Gaga. She’s the closest one of achieving such a feat. She has a new actress nom + critics choice award + nyfcc best actress award (one of the three best critic awards). If she continues this trajectory, she’ll be on her way.

  21. She needs to work on the craft and pick projects carefully. She is not good at subtly or nuance. I don’t think she will be particularly good at comedy acting. Comedy has a reputation for being difficult. Needs to stick with drama.

  22. Yeah i do think she needs an acting coach to really guide her. It’ll make her look that she takes acting seriously and not a vanity project. I think she knows drama is where she really shines. She’s only on her second film going to third so there’s definitely more room for improvement.

  23. Worse than Boris and we're just getting started HOLY

  24. There’s immersion schools specifically for this but I’m not sure if they exist in the Midwest. I know in California where I’m from, there’s Chinese immersion schools as well as Taiwanese immersion schools. Basically, they speak Taiwanese and learn Taiwanese in schools.

  25. I didn’t leave it. But I notice Polin/Colin/LN fans coming here disrespecting Kanthony fans in their own subreddit. Just shows the kind of people they are.

  26. It’s their insecurity talking cos they know a shot of a scene of kathony alone competes with Polin. The fact that Simone went viral just bc she wasn’t in that s3 teaser speaks volumes

  27. Honestly cannot wait for Benedict and Sophie, especially hope they introduce Sophie this season and I hope she is a WOC because so far Simone is the only WOC lead and it seems we have just lots of white couples. Sophie & Kate would get along so well, and I imagine Benedict, Anthony, Kate ans Sophie to be like the big four of the show.

  28. Part of me thinks that a lot of stans honestly fear benophie cos they can honestly compete with kathony especially if the actors have insane chemistry while polin is honestly basic at best.

  29. Not brexit supporters using republican rhetoric to make brexit look better 😭😂 this is so silly

  30. Now it’s polin season, now they don’t want the smoke? 😒 they had so much energy during our season tho

  31. Yes but I see death as the ultimate form of failure so I don’t end it

  32. So it looks like Normani looks herself up on Twitter? (Though tbf most celebrities probably do.)

  33. No Normani follows that account on Twitter so she must have seen it on her timeline

  34. Presumably it is not HER decisions whether or not to drop music. We've seen in countless cases of labels shelving/delaying/dungeon-ing projects. It's looking more and more like that might be the case for her....

  35. The thing is if it’s truly her label doing this damage, why did her label force her to drop motivation? She didn’t like motivation. She didn’t even want to release it. She said this on the Zach Sang Show. Her label did bc they already spent money on the music video and told her to promote the song if she wants to perform at the vmas. That’s why I’m confused. I don’t think it’s actually her label stopping her but herself.

  36. That’s the thing though. Benedict IS part of that system and is COMPLICIT to the system. He greatly benefits from it no matter how much he hates how these cogs function and operate. Trying to erase that part of his characterization is odd due to context and setting.

  37. Okay, I can get behind that. I agree that he’s complicit and that’s important, I just felt in the original novel that it wasn’t dealt with in a productive way because of the structure of the romance novel.

  38. Oh for sure. I think Julia didn’t handle these heavy themes delicately the way that they should have been. I think adding more details to how Ben attains character development is key to really adapt his book well.

  39. As a man that was rooting for Johnny, If he’s proven to be guilty, I will eat crow.

  40. I’m glad you’re able to admit that you may have made a wrong judgement cos people already found amber guilty from the beginning.

  41. Thank you, I’m glad to see more people are taking it seriously at least. I’ve seen a lot of support threads where men share their stories. I can probably count on my hand how many end with justice, and I’d need each James Bond movie to have a pair to count how many stories in total there were

  42. For sure and I think that’s what made this specific case made men defensive and took depp’s side the way that they did bc of how men felt dismissed dismissed when it comes to DV.

  43. So Katy Perry. I didn’t have a strong opinion on her. A few years ago when the A Star is Born soundtrack came out I was OBSESSED with it. Like, I just really love that album. Anyway on a long road trip after listening to ASIB I just turned on a shuffle playlist I had and when Katy Perry came on I realized she couldn’t sing. Like, her voice is just so blah, especially compared with some of the vocals Gaga puts out in ASIB. I never noticed it before because while her voice isn’t great, some of her songs are very well produced / catchy / etc. and it’s weird because ever since I just can’t listen to Katy Perry at all.

  44. Gaga has always been vocally underrated. This is why I need her to go on Broadway so badly. I’ll actually fly to New York just to buy a ticket 😭

  45. I am just manifesting Beyoncé doing a Black roots album, with collaborations with folks like Yola and Buffalo Nichols.

  46. Listen if she collabs with yola, I’d fucking cry! Walk through fire by yola is literally one of my favorites albums ever. The slayage that this will have on me 😭

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