1. The water quality looks really bad, I would recommend a 50-70 percent water change daily until it isn’t cloudy anymore. Definitely do your research into the right products if you are serious about maintaining the fish tank. There are tons of online resources. Do you have a testing kit for your water parameters? Could you post the readings here?

  2. Looks like it could be Ich to me. I would try Rid Ich Plus by Kordon, it’s been the best “cure all” for me when I see any issues arise. I would also raise the temperature of the tank and add aquarium salt if the rest of the inhabitants can tolerate it. Make sure to cut the dosage in half if you have snails or scaleless fish.

  3. Has it already been a few days? If not and it’s not acting particularly distressed I’d just wait it out for a while and see if it digests alright. It’s probably fine.

  4. Thank you for your reply, this happened this morning when I was feeding the whole tank. I will monitor him closely over the next few days and see if he returns to normal. I typically haven’t had issues with over feeding in the past because I put the flakes in first, then the sinking pellets. Today, I put the pellets in first and the glass catfish got a little ambitious too quickly. Another one did the same thing but seemed to spit it up quickly. I hope you’re right and the issue will resolve itself on its own.

  5. I had to feed my tetras on one side of the tank then drop in the sinking pellets on the other side. Idiot fish would grab pellets all the time. Never lost one.

  6. He’s still very much alive and doing fine, still bloated but it seems like he is slowly passing it! I will definitely try your method moving forward with the pellets

  7. Definitely not without an air stone or filter to oxygenate the water! I would set up a smaller tank on the side if you have the means. He needs heat and healthy water overnight. At the very least you can keep him in the main tank until the morning or try to set up another comfortable place for him.

  8. I am dealing with something similar in my tank. First treated it as Ich and lost some fish in the process. Not sure what else it could be…

  9. I don’t have the readings in front of me at the moment. You don’t see any fuzzy white spots on the black Molly in the images? Other than Ich, i’m not sure what that could be.

  10. Main tank is 30 gallons, hospital tank is 10. I increased the temperature of the tanks to 82 with the Ich medication and added aquarium salt. All water parameters are testing within normal range with weekly 50% water changes. Not sure what else I can be doing to help the situation.

  11. I would wait a solid 3 days minimum to cycle the new tank with a used filter from the main one before considering a transfer. My advice is clear the tank of all decorations and prepare a travel tank to transfer the fish between rooms. Once the main tank is cleared of hiding places, use the net to catch the fish, transfer to the temporary tank (make sure temperature is the same!!) and bring him to the new room where you can dump him into the new tank.

  12. Hahahah, i’m an ADP sales rep. Funny to find another rep prospecting in the Reddit comment section!

  13. I am an ADP rep and I’ve dealt with situations like this before using our software, PM me if you still need help with this!

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  15. Can’t find you using clan code or searching the name.

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  17. @JustHereForTheFun_ You said “I don’t need to pray you fail a drug test, I already know you wouldn’t be hired.” But that’s not true. I failed my drug test and was still hired, I just needed to submit a request for disability accommodations through HR and provide proof of a medical card. Are you implying that recreational or medical marijuana users are somehow inferior candidates because of what they choose to do outside of work hours? Seems that you should do some more research before starting an argument with OP in the comments 😂

  18. I work for ADP in New York and I had to provide my medical marijuana card and request disability accommodations for my drug test, I nearly had my offer rescinded because I failed the drug test. I believe as a Field DM you need to comply with federal laws, not state laws, because you are operating a vehicle on company time and they don’t want to be held liable. For reference I was hired through an outside recruiter who informed me that a positive THC test in NY state shouldn’t result in a failure, but she was wrong. All in all I love working for the company but the hiring process was a bit messy and anxiety inducing.

  19. She's also starting a podcast on abuse in figure skating!

  20. Do you know who it is? I would love to listen to this podcast. I skated at the Skating Club of Boston with Ross for many years, and always got bad vibes from him. Especially when he started dating a 17 year old when he was well into his 20s. Glad to see Karma is catching up to him though. There is a lot of abuse in this sport that needs to be talked about and prevented more.

  21. hofia, I started dating a guy who was 17 and I was 20. Does that make me a perv?

  22. I never said it made him a perv, i just said it gave my bad vibes. And low and behold, it turns out he abused his position of power over other women in the sport. So the news wasn’t the most surprising when it did come out. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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