1. Shit, that hit close. My godchildren were playing one day as usual at their place. They were left for half an hour alone in the room(father was upstairs working and mother was right in the next room doing housework). This wasn't unusual. Ages 12 and 3. The unusual part was that there was accidentally left out a flower pot from this morning's play session with their father. This pot normally was out of the children's reach, but was moved and accidentally forgot low enough for children reach. The pot had a metal straw or something for the flower to grow on. During the half hour the children managed to take it out and start playing with it.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I am glad that the child turned out okay in the end but yeah, you can never be safe enough with toddlers bumping into things which are supposed to be out of their reach.

  3. With a request to pardon Roman Polanski in the credits

  4. Tbh, they shouldn't have praised Cesar Millan the way they did. Most of his dog training advice is bs according to actual non-commercial dog trainers out there and he is also involved in several lawsuits because of his pitbulls and attacking people spontaneously and also killing other dogs.

  5. His show should be dismissed according to most of the training subs around here. Because he using dominance and aggression techniques and shit

  6. His pitbulls also killed Queen Latifah's dog AFAIK. He also has several other legal cases, one notable for one of his pitbulls attacking and destroying a young gymnast's career by permanently injuring her.

  7. You mean it's banned for the other countries too, now?

  8. Not banned, the leaker put the leak videos in private mode, so nobody can see it anymore

  9. He was interrupting her when the Ted Lasso cast came out to discuss mental health if I'm not mistaken. He was totally out of line.

  10. Are you sure those TV actors were there to discuss mental health or was it to promote their TV show?

  11. katy o'brian - she is big in the LGBT community, I actually like her as an actress and she starred in the mandalorian. I just think it's comical that whoever they get to cast as abby it's going to be savage against Bella Ramsey

  12. “May ‘of’ sucked”. Just for that unique usage of “of” alone, this is an L imo.

  13. Always that one stupid review so out of place that drags games down.

  14. Reviews literally are other people's opinions on products you may or may not purchase. If you can't stand a single one having a different take from the majority, you shouldn't be following them to begin with.

  15. Opinions are also not above critique. If your opinion is founded upon stupidity people are allowed to call it out. An opinion is not owed respect just based off the notion of its existence

  16. Nah man, I have too many things going on in my life to really give a fuck about one or two negative reviews in an ocean of positive reviews for a game I may buy now but will be playing months from now when I get the time for it.

  17. They aren't, they really aren't. For every notorious guy (Frank Miller, Dave Sim, John Byrne, this clown, etc.) , there are a whole bunch of people who just show up, do their jobs, and generally seem nice when you meet them at cons. But the jerks are fun to pile on.

  18. Wait, what?! What did Frank Miller do, aside from that terrible All Star comic?

  19. Yes, they do. Would that be preferable for someone of my experience?

  20. It would give you options like having a salary while able to keep some hours in the day for studying for exams.

  21. It’s like the situation with Creed 3. Professional and amateur boxers who have watched the film don’t like it as much as the general public does because they know how unrealistic it is for someone to be in jail for 18 years and then get out and become the world champion. It’s a work of fiction and of course, it doesn’t make sense. I dislike Part 2 as much as any other reasonable guy but take it for what it is, a videogame.


  23. You’re right. I really would prefer to see different cultural settings if Disney’s remaking their old films which were predominantly set in Europe. The same movies but set in Asia, Native America, Africa, or any other culture out there, historical or present would be way better than mindlessly taking POC actors and putting them in European settings without context and story changes.

  24. I know “it's” is a contraction of “it is”, but it's so weird in your sentence.

  25. It’s weird because it’s wrong. Just “is” is sufficient here, not “it is”.

  26. A lot of bad science in this area. Not my focus, so I couldn't say without doing my own deep dive, but you'd be better off hunting for a well run meta study if there's a mass of conflicting studies.

  27. I'd rather hold off on jacking off thinking it will prevent Prostate Cancer before they get more data and research on this, like the article suggests.

  28. "2009 study saying that ejaculating often in young men is risky"

  29. Oh, God. Should have phrased it better

  30. ☠️ Nope, you don’t speak for the rest.

  31. Damn, I will check it out for sure. Thanks.

  32. This is going to be a long read but please bear with me.

  33. ViewerAnon is a certified critic in RT and already have watched all the episodes. This isn't false.

  34. Wait what? He’s an RT critic now? Because all I know is that about him is that he’s a redditor who got famous here because of leaking DC movies? Was he always a professional critic?

  35. 2nd but minus Cyborg and Wally. Always prefer them to be part of the Titans more than JL. Cyborg’s supposed to be the youngest JL member who’s barely out of High School. His inclusion in the team would definitely make the older heroes’ young sidekicks question their own places as subordinates to them in any logical scenario.

  36. North-africans too. I got mistaken as mexican all the time when I visited the US.

  37. Oh, yeah. You guys can pass off for everyone on earth at times.

  38. Only filipinos can pass for Hispanic lol Chinese people don’t look

  39. So, are Chinese not sometimes dark enough or can Hispanic people not be light enough in your opinion?

  40. Don’t know why you are being downvoted but as someone who practices both striking and wrestling, you are somewhat right. When it comes to street fights though, wrestling is generally avoided due to concrete and multiple attackers being around. Just strike and run away in those cases.

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