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  1. I would not be looking to buy a home with a girlfriend/boyfriend at 19, full stop. Work on your credit scores - have a small limit credit card, pay if off every month. Put things on it like gas or groceries.

  2. Anyone who gives you an answer is thinking of their project, not yours. There's at least a 1/2 dozen questions here. Depending on your answer to each, each task could be a 2 day job, or a 2 week job.

  3. If it helps you feel better we had this exact scenario.

  4. The first offer my husband and I made was 15k over and we got, for lack of a better term, laughed out of the office for it. Lol! We were told we weren't even in the same ballpark. The house had 7-10 offers.

  5. Its because they're priced lower to attract more clicks. Houses are going for 20-50k+ over asking if they're nice right now. My husband and I lost 4 bids on houses putting anywhere between 15 and 35k over and on all of them we werent even in the top 3 bids.

  6. Congratulations!! I truly feel for you OP. We did the same thing, postponed wedding, honeymoon and living with parents…sleeping in my childhood room with all my stuffed animals and my husband oh gosh. The sacrifices you make just to accomplish this goal…it’s not an easy feat at all especially in this economic climate. The hardest part is over for you! Just look forwarding to closing and starting a new chapter in your lives.

  7. Congratulations to you guys also! Its definitely tough. I really don't mind living with my dad, he is great but the space is small and we just were so ready to finally have something to call OURS lol. We're still in the same neighborhood as him though, which he is very pleased with lol. The sacrifice will be worth it!!

  8. This would mean forfeiting earnest money and opening ourselves up for legal action if I'm not mistaken?

  9. If you have an appraisal contingency then no you wouldn't lose your EMD. Did you waive it?

  10. Im from Western NY and I absolutely hate any temperature over like 75 degrees tops so. Cold for sure

  11. Sure he was looking for tight-packed victims, but he drove hundreds of miles and chose this particular Tops so it does have something to do with them, I should think.

  12. It's because it was a busy crowded place in a zip code with a high black population. That was his reasoning. Despicable.

  13. Still looking. We recently bid 35k over a 3b1ba 1000sqft house in South Buffalo and 4 people bid higher than us. In South Buffalo. List price was 165k. Bid 25k over another house in South Buff/WS border this past weekend and ten people bid higher than us. 20+ bids on the house. So much for Buffalo being affordable.

  14. Bid on a double a couple months ago in South Buffalo. Listed at 210k, bid 250k and it went for 290k

  15. A double to me makes more sense, due to not having to worry as much about a higher monthly payment. But damn. Pretty crushing especially considering how old and outdated a lot of these houses are.

  16. Offers with inspection clauses on homes that are even a bit desirable are getting tossed here. I don't know of anyone who has been winning bids with them, and our realtor said her sellers aren't accepting them unless it is the only offer, and she hasn't had buyers who refuse to take it out win anything. So... there's that.

  17. Varies per market. Our realtor didn’t even suggest once about removing an inspection contingency

  18. Well of course. Everything varies per market. :)

  19. Started off with wanting a finished or partially finished basement, 1.5 or 2 bathrooms, big closets, 3 bedrooms, decent yard, attached garage. Now all we care about is 2 bedrooms with an office space or 3 bedrooms, 1000-1400sqft no bigger, not in a flood zone, and a basement because we're burned out and just want a house. Also, very few houses in our area have more than 1 bathroom. Seriously there are 4 or 5 bedroom houses that only have 1 bathroom.

  20. When my father died and I broke the news to my group of friends they told me the same, but they never showed up at the aula because it was on a Friday evening and they wanted to go out for drinks.

  21. I am very sorry about your dad. People don't understand the hurt of a loss of a parent until they go through it. And funerals and death make you see so many people differently.

  22. Most definitely. I've come to see my family in a whole different light.

  23. I am doing okay. Thankfully I have a small but great support system. I hope you are doing well also 💓

  24. Husband and I have 30k saved up from 4 years of aggressive saving and living at home. We gave up a wedding, a honeymoon, and moving out/renting to be able to buy a house. We make about 75k combined with a strict budget of a mortgage being 1300/mo. We live in New York. You are not alone. We'd have probably next to no savings if we rented.

  25. Join the WNY Squishmallow group on FB and there will be recent sightings! :)

  26. We're in Buffalo too. Looking in SB. Offered 35k over a 3/1 1000sq house and we were fifth highest offer... wtf. SB isn't even that desirable.

  27. For real! Good luck to you on your search!!

  28. I totally get it. My husband and I just offered 35k over asking, waived inspection (something we said we'd NEVER do), upped our EMD to 10k, offered to close anytime, AND threw in search and survey for our dream over the weekend... we were 5th best bid out of 17... this was for a small (barely 1000sq) 3b 1ba house in an area with a bad school district and not super desirable. Crushed us and we live in a pretty moderate COL area, could not believe 4 people bid even higher. I wish you guys luck!!!

  29. Fuck that is crushing to read. I’ll be legitimately shocked if any of our offers (similar to yours) are ever accepted. I don’t even get my hopes up anymore when we submit them

  30. Yeah we are still fairly new into the search (2 mo) but that one hurt. We are a pretty low income couple (80k combined) and gave up a wedding, honeymoon, and are living with family and we finally saved enough up to move + have emergency funds and this is the market we got thrown into. Its disappointing but itll probably make finally getting a place that much more worth it.

  31. Its getting to be this way over in Buffalo too. Ugh

  32. ~5 hours. Last band usually ends right around 11.

  33. Afterdark just posted itll be 7:30- MIW, 8:50- BVB, 10:10- INK

  34. She can't get a restaurant job in LA, because then she'd have nothing to threaten Gael with...

  35. Didn’t she say she had a relative she could live with? I think her wanting to move away has more to do with cost of living than the ability to find a job.

  36. I suppose but is she not basically living for free now as it is?

  37. I would reccomend calling Riverworks to find out.

  38. True, but then you pay PMI until the loan/value is roughly 78-80%

  39. Yes thats true. Have you chatted with a broker at all? It may help to sit down with them to see what they reccomend. I am trying to buy a house right now too and it is brutal, but I luckily have an experienced, honest agent and a good broker on my side. They definitely make a difference. If you don't trust or like your realtor, I would move on from them too. They make a world of a difference in this market.

  40. Conventional was almost double the interest rate and I would prefer to not put all my cash down on the house and not have any safety net left.

  41. You really only need to put down about 3-5% for a conventional loan. What areas are you looking to buy in?

  42. I am in Buffalo, NY. An hour from Rochester but still WNY. The supposed low cost of housing here does not make it safe from bidding wars. My husband and I bid 15k over a small house in South Buffalo and lost it to someone who bid, we assume, 40+k over at least and waived all contingencies. A friend of our just bought a house and told us she lost 16 offers and only won her last bidding 50k over, waiving contingency, covering the appraisal gap, etc. We're going through it also... due to people like you who get remote jobs and move up here due to the lower COL, especially people from the NYC area.

  43. Ive asked my realtor to find out the average utility bill before, and she nor the seller had any problem giving me that information. :)

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