1. As interesting as your thorough debunk of a hyperbole through the use of an unfalsifiable just so story with no evidence was these are the last words I’ll be typing to you.

  2. Actually the citation you reference is generally incidentally.

  3. All three use outdated nomenclature, one doesn’t look like it was it was peer reviewed or possibly even published in a journal— confounding considering that PLOS One will take nearly anyone. The second article is studying parental attitudes not the actual effects of hormone blockers. The first article is about issues with an individual study. The third doesn’t cite anything after 1995 again relying on Zucker a student of Blanchard whose theories are widely dismissed as unfalsifiable.

  4. Mine has Matthew Lewis, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, Shirley Jackson, and Emily Danforth. They’ve all had a significant impact on how I view the genre.

  5. The most ironic part of that subreddit is that more often than not, the things that are posted there are literally exactly how girls work. I’ve seen numerous examples.

  6. It was hundreds in a country with hundreds of millions of people, must be indicative of a very broad trend

  7. Legit. I have screenshots of one of the mods saying "you can't comment" and its like...what!? (I forgot thr wording. Its like rule 8 or 9] So you want an echo chamber!?

  8. There’s a lot of incest in the world but only one Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

  9. You replied to the wrong comment ingot brain. Unless you saw the trans one and replied to this anyway. I don’t even have an insult for that I’d just feel bad for someone who’s that out of touch. Do you really think it’s the fact people aren’t into the dick that’s transphobic?

  10. Schizoid Personality Disorder is not medically classfified as a Severe Mental Illness.

  11. Can you point me to some reading that support that ? I may have misunderstood something but I'm fairly certain both SzPD and StPD were both classified as schizophrenic/psychotic disorders due to the overlapping symptoms they share with more severe mental illnesses on the spectrum.

  12. Schizoid pd is characterized by negative symptoms of schizophrenia like alexithymia, anhedonia, social withdrawal etc. It’s related to schizophrenia but positive symptoms like hallucinations or delusions aren’t present. So while schizotypal pd presents some overlap with psychotic symptoms schizoid pd doesn’t. By that logic schizoid isn’t technically a psychotic disorder but it can cause dissociation. It’s a poorly studied disorder and more common in people who have relatives with schizophrenia

  13. You are correct but the other user wasn’t referring to this spectrum. The schizophrenia spectrum is a different thing. It isn’t the same as saying that schizoid pd is SMI. SMI (chronic psychotic and severe mood disorders)spectrum =/= schizophrenia spectrum.

  14. Being trapped in this cycle is a bit easier with you around 💜

  15. If they’re very tight and she’s wearing a skirt she could maybe keep them toward the top of the sock without it being seen? Idk I have no idea how it would actually work. Brass would probably be too heavy to secure with just the sock so she’d have to tie it or tape it or something.

  16. You work backwards. Take care of yourself and try to improve the aspects of your life that aren’t satisfying.

  17. If they’re a baby put a dot on their forehead with a marker and put them in front of a mirror. If they can do it before the 15 month mark they are very smart.

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