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  1. Wouldn’t it historically have usually been men of some means or at least a significant educational background already? This feels like the natural evolution of “invite men of status to contribute to the state” into “invite men of status and the institutions they inhabit to contribute to the state”. Which is still disappointing, but maybe we perceive more of a loss of opportunity than there actually has been, since it’s not like it went from “anyone can contribute” to “only some can contribute”. It’s always been a relatively small pool.

  2. Yeah but how many medical professionals want to be armed while doing their medical work?

  3. I mean if the only options (as in the only ones people are willing to consider, since we refuse to restructure society around adequate mental health) are “armed medical professional” or “unarmed medical professional accompanied by armed trigger-happy moron who is trained to view the mentally ill with disdain”, I think that arming the social worker is unfortunately the lesser of those two evils.

  4. Right, now where are those social workers who are less militarized (meaning less tools for them) but still armed and expected to help people having a mental breakdown? Would they be cops, deciding to take off their armours and leave their gear behind? Who would do this job? Do you know anyone who would be interested?

  5. Weird questions to ask ME, some random girl on the internet, since I’m probably not the person who’s going to do all the planning or hiring if any changes are instituted. If you’re interested in alternative solutions I think reading Derecka Purnell’s “Becoming Abolitionists” or “Are Prison’s Obsolete?” by Angela Davis. They’ve put actual work and time into these problems in a way that you may find interesting. If you’re just interested in saying “that’s not going to work because it’s not already a plan we can put into action tomorrow,” then I don’t spending any more time looking for solutions will help you. It kind of seems like you’ve already decided that nothing better than what we have now is possible.

  6. Lmao that’s fitting. A high-level tactical coffee mug for tactically sitting in your car and tactically clocking speeding cars. You know, tactically.

  7. Im not kidding when I had to do a serious double-take to make sure you weren’t referencing Silicon Valley

  8. Sorry, 2 of those goodbyes seemed less than sweet, I guess you’re going back to Annandale!

  9. Ah, so you MEANT to misuse the term “latinate” when you meant “Latin”? Probably just a clever ruse to throw us poor unintellectual sheep off your trail!

  10. Sometimes dogs get lost and need to rest, did you find the original owner?

  11. Honestly, a Fury Road poster found abandoned in a derelict wasteland makes it probably the most appropriate version of a Fury Road poster you could possibly own.

  12. What do the terms “open border” or “closed border” mean to you? You clearly don’t share the widely agreed upon definition that actual nation-states use to define borders as “open” or “closed”, so I’m curious. What defines this border as “open” and which borders would you consider “closed”?

  13. He was clearly referring to the quotation attributed to Einstein, that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

  14. He says “I know he’s a murderer, but” as part of his statement. If you are claiming that was talking about Einstein, does he believe Einstein was a murderer??

  15. As someone who currently works at a Jamba Juice, I can assuage your fears and say that it’s definitely a real business, I can’t say there’s NO locations that are just a front for something else because it’s franchised, but at least in my area I’ve worked at 3 different ones and they all operated like a normal (poorly run) fast food place. However, I think it’s not unreasonable that Jamba would be the place you might fixate on, since a lot of our stores are weird tiny little strip mall spots that we rent for cheap since you can’t really use that small of a restaurant space for much else, and between being way overpriced and having low overhead costs, they’re actually pretty profitable most of the time. I’m sure the ones by the freeway aren’t quite as lucrative but my tiny little store tucked between a mattress store and an emptied out JoAnn fabrics did over a million dollars in sales last year.

  16. Yeah, I haven't gotten a single tick on me since I moved here 10 years ago. And I work outdoors, and spend a lot of time doing outdoor recreation.

  17. That’s honestly wild to hear! Somehow my dog has picked up 2 in the year since I moved here!

  18. I actually got to re-hear this ad while going back through the Brad Bird mini. It was nice to not have to listen to some bullshit about some place that sells rims, and instead hear some bullshit I enjoy from what is supposed to be a 60 second ad that just takes 60 seconds to actually set up. It is sweatier than The Rock in Fast Five and I love it.

  19. That would be the ideal scenario, yes. But I think it’s becoming more and more apparent to a lot of people that their job is designed to be “work until you die”. It’s why I quit my last one, and why so many business owners are complaining that “no one wants to work!”

  20. I mean, it's all ludicrous nonsense. You're just mad about the 90s reboot of your favorite superhero. "Only Jack Kirby era spiderman is canon, everything else is dumb!"

  21. See I actually agree with most of what you’re saying, with the important caveat that I think the right of Jews and Muslims to say “hey we’re tired of people assuming we believe all the same things about god that Christians do”, especially when it leads to people thinking they can use Christian scripture to understand the Jewish or Muslim conceptions of god, which is a problem we have to deal with a lot. Otherwise, it’s all minutiae and I don’t really give a shit what anybody personally thinks about god, I just want people to stop telling ME what I think about god just because they went to catholic school and think it’s all the same. Does that make sense?

  22. I don't think everyone is saying that everyone believes the same thing about their god. Hell, 30 years war? Shia/Sunni split? Religious whackos who believe fundamentally the same thing literally butcher each other over fine print. NO ONE agrees. Some people, a portion of which I'll grant are doing so in bad faith, are saying "hey, this is all the same guy, technically". That's why jews and christians are "people of the book". It all follows the abrahamic religious tradition.

  23. Right, and it’s those bad faith generalizations that I’m arguing against. If you have a problem with those, then we don’t even disagree. I just think that issues like the Sunni-Shia split, which is a doctrinal dispute over succession to the prophet among two groups of people who otherwise agreed on 99% of the actions and character traits of Allah as a diety, are not great analogues for “we literally rewrote the whole books, excised 90% of the extrascriptural teaching, changed all of the main character’s motivations, and presented it as the old story but new and improved”

  24. If we’re going with a simple left-right split, wouldn’t Modi, a religious nationalist, be the Republican, and Xi, a market socialist, be (by default) the Democrat?

  25. If you pay that much for an umbrella, you should consider it decorative and not functional. You should also donate most of your money to charity because you clearly don’t need it. But decorative soap isn’t very good soap either. Silk scarves aren’t very good scarves, at least if it’s cold. Umbrellas get destroyed in high winds, so why would anyone risk using a $1300 version in bad weather?

  26. It’s the purest form of consumerism. Don’t buy because you NEED something, buy simply because the product exists, buy because you know it’s Exclusive and will make you feel fulfilled. We’re at the point where there’s not only dozens of luxury brands competing for who can sell the most $5000 handbags or sunglasses, but where even the “non-luxury” brands like adidas are putting out what are effectively just highly priced novelty versions of real, useful, everyday products, and they don’t even have to be functional because “function” is no longer one of the first things on their checklist when designing a product.

  27. Income inequality isn’t the problem. Addiction and mental illness are the problem.

  28. As someone who has struggled with both addiction and mental illness, I can tell you I would never have been able to recover in any meaningful way on a minimum wage job, we simply don’t pay most low wage workers enough to have the resources to get off drugs if you’re on them, and psychosis gets a lot worse if you can’t find affordable housing and you’re stuck sleeping on the side of the road.

  29. Wow I can’t believe I’m just learning now that my grandparents were totally wrong about what they experienced under national socialism. They must have been making up the constant attacks on the left and the privatization of institutions that had been state-owned for decades. And since they were members of the SPD, the most powerful left wing party until the Nazis took power, they must have just been super mistaken when they described the rise of the National Socialist party as a successful rebranding by a non-socialist party in order to win more working class German voters. But then again, what would a pair of German Jews born in the 1920s know about the political realities of fascism or nazism? I’m glad some Reddit dude was here to set the record straight.

  30. Hmmmmmm. You know what? I think I’m STILL gonna trust the actual people who saw what happened instead of the guy who doesn’t realize that eugenics programs, social programs, public works, and propaganda, have been utilized by literally everyone from monarchists to liberals to fascists to communists. Which, according to you, makes their policies indistinguishable. All I can say is that I hope your eyesight (and obviously your political/historical education!) starts improving soon!

  31. I never said the elites are socialist. It’s satire. They can bring as much of that sort of ideology on campus but these people come to power with no allegiances to those ideologies.

  32. It seems a whole less like satire than just someone repeating something they hear repeated across the media, that “campuses are full of socialists but it’s not because of any sort of intellectual curiosity, it’s because of a mysterious ‘they’ who pull everybody’s strings who are forcing socialism on naive students”. Nobody disagrees with you that Yale and Harvard produce greedy capitalist bastards, but you seem to be under the impression that all of them started out as the image of “campus socialist” that exists in your head. I still talk with other socialists I went to college with. Most of us work in retail, food service, education, or health. Like the majority of Americans. But I also know people from my high school who are now working on Wall Street, in Silicon Valley, and the like. Most of them consider or considered themselves “conscious capitalists” or “small l liberals”. You sound like you’re pretty mad about the way our society is run by amoral rich people who don’t care about you or me, and yet somehow you’ve figured out a way to square that rage with all of the capitalist talking heads on TV who tell you to be mad about socialism. Seems awfully convenient for the ruling class that you’re so mad at a bunch of poor people about things that the ruling class has done to our world.

  33. Seems like you’re the one who puts a whole lot of emotion into this. Projection?

  34. Projection would be accusing you of being too emotional. I do not think you are too emotional. I think you are underinformed and repeating a meme you heard about socialism and privilege. I am very emotionally invested, as I detest the way that every element of our society is being monetized and designed to keep working and poor people from being able to so much as sit down on a street bench without being fined or asked to pay for it. If that does not upset you, I think that’s a personal problem, but I’m certainly not trying to project any of my anger into what you think, since you don’t seem to be particularly clear on what you DO think, only what you think socialists think. As someone with slightly more insight than you into that question (unless you’ve been sitting on a large trove of experience talking to socialists that you just haven’t mentioned yet), I figured you might be interested in updating your view of the world with some actual information. If not, I understand. Sometimes it’s more comfortable to just troll!

  35. Great idea, I'll make my protagonist some kind of vulnerable animal like.... A Rat... and angry rat

  36. I would avoid making them too powerful, though. Having an overpowered main character can really kill the tension when the audience is supposed to see your world as dangerous. Perhaps this rat could start out in some sort of cage?

  37. I get the impression he's burned out on the weekly podcasting schedule so something that's not a podcast certainly. Or if a podcast one of those mini-series style 4 one hour episode things. I sort of wish he'd keep producing Revolutions and find a host he trusts to pass the torch to. Take 10% and be a consultant? Wait, maybe that's the news?

  38. Yeah, finishing this series with Russia and looking at the long, enticing list of 20th century revolutions mostly in the third world does leave a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved basically every series but it is kind of wild the show covered 4 separate revolutions in France and doesn’t even get within ten feet of the Cuban, Chinese, or Iranian Revolutions

  39. It also feels necessary as a kind of act of symmetry since anti-colonial sentiment is at or near the heart of so many of those revolutions. Starting with the great European powers and ending with the backlash to their influence feels like a tying off of a knot.

  40. Totally! Imagine how good the series on the Algerian Revolution would be, where we could tie it back to Charles X and the invasion of Algiers in the 1830s, then look 120 years later at how French colonial society created a whole new set of conditions that would lead to a different kind of revolution.

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